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October 10, 2013

rainy days

sounds divine, huh??


tagg talk: nice girls

October 3, 2013


Realizing lately that we need to put the emphasis back on showcasing the nice girls. While I adore the movie, Mean Girls, that’s pretty much where my love for them ends. Otherwise mean, gossipy girls can suck up too much of our time and attention, and move the focus from where it should be… the niceys!

I guess our personal friendships have similarities to business: you often hear about the complaints, and gossip about the negative. The compliments are way more rare. While this has been on my mind for some time — I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my friendships, the ones best for me, and the ones that are not necessarily making me a better person (or not consistently making me feel good about me). I’m now thinking about this even more so after getting to know better a gal named Libby. If her name sounds familiar she’s the amazingly talented woman and professional photographer now contributing food posts, and who generously offered to take my outfit photos non gratis every week. Every single week. For nothing. Because she wants to help. Just because.

Her actions honestly had me taken aback.

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tagg talk: travel on the brain

September 13, 2013

During the past two months I’ve been traveling all over the place for a variety of reasons from work to visiting family and even doctors. I can add flights to NYC, Phoenix, Vermont (and neighboring towns), and probably somewhere else, to my recent travels. It’s honestly such a blur. Vermont was definitely more relaxed but as any parent knows, when you’re traveling with kid’s it’s called a “trip” and not a “vacation.”

los ángeles

As we’re heading into Fall I’m taking a second to reflect on summer, which has been amazing yet insanely exhausting. Well, in fairness I have had some pretty splendid beach and pool days.  I’m already dreaming of my next big trip… even though it’s probably a long way away. My husband and I could really use a little escape. I’m dreaming of visiting L.A. for the first time, of returning to Napa where we went for our first anniversary, or becoming a snow bunny during a trip to Colorado or even back to Italy (Florence might be my favorite city ever). I’d be thrilled to head to Gainesville for a Gators game, take our girl to Disney once it cools down a little or just find a place where there’s so little to do I’m forced to relax. Yeah, forced to relax… that’s pretty much what it takes these days.

Where are you headed to next, or dreaming of going? Share in the comments below… love the travel inspiration! Always amazing to having a trip of any size to look forward to; life is all about the memories and travel is definitely among the best way to create them! Happy weekend, everyone.



success copy

Yeah, there’s a few people that have moments when stars align and they get to the top of the ladder a little faster than others, but let’s be honest: that’s a rarity. Success comes from work, hard and passionate work, where you’re driven to reach your goal, whatever that means to you. We all have a different vision for ourselves — that’s what’s so amazing and makes the world go ’round — but don’t count on success, meaningful and big success, from hanging out, hoping for it and thinking you deserve it.  Sounds cliche but it’s so true: hard work does pay off.

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