movie review: sex tape

July 25, 2014

The weekend is here, and you’re wondering what to do? Check out our review of the latest rom-com to hit the big screen:

Movie: Sex Tape, featuring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel

The plot: A couple, Jay and Annie, are still very much in love after 10 years but are battling a seriously faded sex life thanks to kids, jobs and life. When all else fails to jump start the relationship, they turn to Jay’s new iPad with incredible video capabilities while the kids are at grandma’s one night. With the help of tequila, they decide to try every position in The Joy of Sex. You can feel a little extra heat on camera in the scenes that follow until Jay realizes that he’s accidentally synced all his tech devices. The problem? He constantly upgrades his iPads, sharing old ones with friends, the mail man and even the CEO of a company that mommy blogger, Annie, is trying to land a deal with. They must get the devices back before anyone realizes.


TAGG’s take: I suppose you wouldn’t watch any porn for the plot, and the same goes for this film. The plot is ridiculous, and myself, along with friends during a girl’s night out certainly had a few cringe worthy moments over awkward sex moments, or just Jason Segel’s ass (now Cameron’s? Enviable!). Yet, we all admitted… we did laugh. And, out loud. It’s absurd, and yeah, an actual film critic would give this an F, but what does this average girl think?

Our rating: C+. Worth seeing, now when you have a spare few hours and are looking for some ridiculous laughs or wait until it’s available On Demand. No rush but it’s funny, and the average girl thinks it’s worthy. Just grab some movie popcorn, and sneak in some candy and drinks! PS: our favorite snack is the kid’s pack… best deal in the house; movie theatre popcorn, mini drink and usually a candy for around $6.


Rent the Runway Review

So many events, so little time (and money!). After being invited to a major gala at The Breakers in Palm Beach I immediately did a a freak out. What gown will I wear? Nothing in my closet was adequate and spending $300+ on a dress that I have no immediate need to wear again seemed absurd. That’s when Heather in my office suggested Rent the Runway.

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After feeling for nearly two years that I’d love to do more with my hair than blow it out straight (and even with that, I’d sometimes get puff; thanks humidity), I became committed to learning how to do those cute beachy waves and loose curls I covet. I even set a New Year’s goal to make this happen. So when I asked a local friend — who always has crush-worthy hair — how she did it, she replied with the Bio Ionic Style Winder. I instantly purchased. A few of you along with some friends have asked me about my ‘do lately so I had to share this find. It’s a good one.

stylewinder review

Complete details, and the review, after the jump…. Keep Reading —>>


orange is the new black Have you done a good TV binge session lately? We recently cranked out the first season of Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original series…  and it is so good.  I know I’m about six months behind most of the rage but with a little trailer out for the second season (here) and news that the next season will debut June 6, I know a lot of people are pumped. I haven’t had time to watch that much TV in a long time so I semi thank an awful cold that reared itself last weekend; we cancelled plans, got help with the kids and soaked in one episode after another. Raunchy, interesting, intriguing and a little scary to think about the reality, it just becomes better with each passing episode. Keep Reading —>>

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