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Popp in to See My Desk

March 27, 2012

Excited to share with you that I’m hanging out on another blog today:

If you follow me on Instagram (username: avggirlsguide) or Facebook then you saw a peek at my new home office (dark grey walls / all white furniture). What you didn’t see was a close up of what’s on top of my new lacquered desk love from Z. Gallerie. See below for two glimpses and then head on over to the blog by Poppin, a brand known for its incredible, affordable and uber-functional office supplies. Their blog includes more desk shots, my fam photos and special mementos I keep close by.

above: some of my fave poppin supplies: lime green ruler, to-do pad, crisp white notebook and turq-colored pens.

below: a few little items stationed squarely under my monitor… two kinds of maybelline’s baby lips, mini stickers for my pr firm (perfect for envelopes), a little glass turtle from a trip to venice and trident’s tropical twist.

What are you still doing here? Ok, just kidding… I love having you, but take a TAGG break and check out what I had to say at Poppin about my office/desk/professional style and see more pics of my desk space.

{Poppin generously provided office supplies for purposes of the guest post however all opinions are 100 percent my own. I am pretty serious when it comes to my office supplies.}


Art Inspires Travel

October 25, 2011

As a multi-tasking gal, I appreciate items that can do double-duty. Stylish rain boots, smart phones, you name it. While visiting the new office of Pink Realtor here in South Florida (love this team), I spied this interesting, inspirational piece of ‘art in the CEOs office.’ Simply: it’s a map with little tacks in it, color coordinated of course: one color signifies the places he’s traveled, another color for his girlfriend, another indicates places they’ve visited together, and fourth, is places they are visiting soon.

Love this. It’s totally TAGG recommended to give you the daily reminder to get traveling!  

PS: Don’t have a getaway planned, or don’t think you can afford to travel?

You must check out I Should Log Off, a travel blog by two friends who saved up in order to travel the world for nearly two years. They’re working again now, but are still constantly sharing stunning, awe-inspiring photos, travel stories, helpful travel tips and more. While the thought of luxurious travel is always dreamy, they prove you don’t have to save forever to make your travel dreams a reality!

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