Every few months I love checking in here with my favorite new beauty finds. I’m an average girl. I’m not the best at applying make-up, doing my hair or testing out a million products to figure out the right one. Find me a good one, and I’ll buy you forever. That said, I’ve been in the market for a few new products (others running low, etc) and with summer on the horizon now’s the time to switch up the routine and make sure you’re using what works, and will last through any heat wave. Trust me: a Florida girl knows the drill. I’ll continue to share new favorites as the season progresses, but with Memorial Day this weekend, here’s a few beauty finds to add to your list for summer…

Summer 2014 Beauty Finds

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Ok, guys, big tip: when I met earlier this year with the make-up artist from Pixi (post here), she enlightened me to something very important. While waterproof mascara will definitely help you hold up during a tear-fest movie, a day at the beach or a surprise thunderstorm, it’s also the solution to major mascara staying power!

If you’re someone with long days, trying to battle this intense heat (i.e. make-up practically melting off!) or have a major night out, swap out your regular mascara for waterproof. I double up: I swipe on my favorite regular mascara, and then top with waterproof to help with longevity.  To remove, I’ve started using old classics: Almay make-up remover pad, and this is a favorite, too. Check out these four waterproof mascara favorites, or I’d love if you comment below to share yours.

Best Waterproof Mascara

save:  maybelline great lash waterproof mascara
all-natural: 100% pure fruit pigmented black tea mascara
worthy splurges: benefit bad gal waterproof mascara or diorshow waterproof mascara


As the temperatures rise, good beauty products are worth their weight in gold. Make my skin look matte (yet glowing) even when I’m feeling shiny and sweaty, or keep my fizzy hair at bay when humidity is out of control, and I’m yours forever. So when it came time to find tried and true products, we enlisted 13 amazingly talented + gorgeous bloggers — who often spend their time on both sides of the camera — and, as you can see below, they had no shortage of great tips and product recs for the average gal.  Check out their favorite products and tips to beat the heat each summer!

kimberly smith // penny pincher fashion
There is a fine line between dewy and greasy skin.  This may seem a bit pricey for a primer, but I have never used anything that works better for helping my makeup stay-put in the most humid temperatures. I discovered it when we lived in North Carolina and even during the sweltering August heat, I was shine-free all-day long!
meg biram // the edit
I never use this on my lips, but I always use it on my cheeks. Originally it was created for a dancer in the 1970s so it’s made for being active and won’t come off like other blush when you’re outside in the heat!
jennifer chong // j chong studio
product: one love organics skin savior balm
I LOVE the savior balm. I use it every single day – and a little goes a long way. You can do lots of different things with it but I mainly use it for moisturizing – and taming some of those little fly away hairs!  ispydiy_edited-1

jenni radosevich // i spy diy 
Obsessed with Bare Minerals original powder foundation. It provides great coverage and stays an all day. It’s a must in my make-up bag!
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Best Beauty Buys

November 8, 2012

When it comes to beauty, I’m an admitted bargain/drugstore beauty girl. Yes, I love Sephora and this is absolutely my new favorite for my face, however a majority of my beauty routine is from CVS, Target or somewhere similar. It doesn’t break the bank, it’s easy to grab on-the-go and I don’t feel guilty testing out a few colors at once.

Why does TAGG love these so much? Here’s why… 

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