Pretty Little Pieces

January 4, 2013

rings || necklace

I’ve been fully obsessed with these ultra dainty rings by Catbird (now at Anthropologie) for a solid year but since I adore them stacked I couldn’t justify a $200 price point. Solution/ let’s consider this a TAGG Ogle or Own: etsy shop, Mon Cadeau. Ob-sessed. I was tipped off to it via an Instagram friend. It’s so perfect.

When it comes to jewelry, I love going big (hello, bubble necklace!), or super tiny. For smaller pieces, I adore that they often come with sentimental value. My mini Maya Brenner “S” necklace rarely leaves my neck, regardless of what else I’m wearing, because it reminds me of my little girl (and she always mentions it, too!). These pieces — especially the versatility of two-tone ring option — are no exception. Aren’t these so special?


TAGG Hearts Etsy

July 11, 2012

I’ve realized that Etsy is one of those online places that you’re completely obsessed with or have absolutely no clue it exists. This is statstical proof based on the dozens of people I’ve mentioned it to and have gotten one of the before mentioned responses.

While it’s utterly amazing for mamas who want to create custom parties for their little ones but don’t know where to start (evidence: I ordered custom minnie mouse invites, t-shirt and even minnie confetti — friends thought I did it all!), you’re missing out if you don’t know what else it has to offer. It essentially connects small-small businesses with people like you and me. TAGG is all about supporting local businesses (and especially talented women with smart business ideas) and this is the ultimate example. Check out a few of my Etsy ‘favorites’ and then click around the site to discover some of your own. If you have a favorite etsy shop I’d absolutely LOVE if you share it here!


 abstract painting //chanel no. 5 gold print // typographic map //business card holders // tassel keychain // custom monogrammed ipad case //six tye-dye hair ties //orange and blue statement earrings // love bracelet //  sailor knot ring //



Yesterday I shared with you a few items I, or any woman, could lust over this Valentine’s. Now, here are a handful of items the man (be it your husband, boyfriend, friend or dad) would appreciate as well. We’re keeping with the under $75 theme (except for one), as Valentine’s should be more about the love than about the major gifts. Write or find a card with beautiful, thoughtful words (honestly, this is my favorite gift and same goes for my husband), or come up with a creative gift idea. Tickets to his favorite sporting event, a date night complete with a movie of HIS choice, a round of golf, or anything else he’d appreciate. Make the day about saying I love you, to whomever it might be!



kiehl’s facial fuel cleanser the essential new york times cookbook / single expression of love card/ matt by matt and nat vegan leather card holder / Kindle Fire (or get the reg kindle with wi-fi for just $79!) / steve jobs hardcover book/ pink nerd domo in love plush  / the art of shaving kit starter kit  / Monogrammed Key Fob (thanks to design darling for the find!) /  m-edge flexstand ipad dock /Bauble Bar Cuff Links


Valentine’s Lust List

February 7, 2012

It seems a little unfair of me to even ‘want’ for Valentine’s Day with us just moving into a new home a week ago but alas, is it fair of me to try to control my lusts? Ha, I think not! The husband I typically keep our prices to a minimum around Valentine’s, especially with it being so close to the holidays and my birthday in my March, and this list doesn’t stray far from that.

Keeping it under $75, and most well below $50, here are a few items perfect for my list or yours:



day at the beach (the perfect mini vacay!) /glam neige collar via bauble bar (white accessories look perfect with everything) / decorate (spied this book in anthropologie and you would have thought I was in Barnes & Noble, standing there reading an excessively long time. Gorgeous, great advice) /opal sparks leather pouch via anthrolologie (metallic polka dots? yes! The flip side is solid silver) / self-inking stamp (so my new addy always looks fashionable. plus have you seen my handwriting? ouch)  hunger games stamped bracelet (read the trilogy — access them all on amazon here -  and am now dying for the film to come out. This is a great saying)

PS: Today’s the LAST day to enter to win your choice of a product from Andalou Naturals, my favorite new go-to organic line of beauty products. So amazing, and perk: affordably priced.

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