vent sesh: love/hate with ice bucket challenge

August 26, 2014

ice bucket challenge

I have serious love/hate feelings toward the ice bucket challenge, a spirited challenge to help raise funds for ALS.

As someone in PR and marketing, it’s my ultimate dream that one of my clients — particularly a nonprofit — would generate this level of exposure, see donations jump by the millions and witness the email database quad-million-drouple (I’m sure there’s a technical term), all as a result of an organic, grassroots effort by passionate people eager to help support and raise awareness for a critical, devastating disorder. After all, I have something hardly anyone knows about. I’d be dancing around the office like a crazy lady if it got anywhere near the same level of support or awareness.

Yet, do I really want to dump on a bucket of ice on my head because you did it, posted it on Facebook, possibly with your kids, and dared me to do so? I enjoyed watching your video (at least in the beginning, if we’re being truthful), and some of them have been legit laugh-out-loud funny, but pass. No interest. I almost did, but only because doing so after coming back from the gym sounded appealing. I love you friends but I don’t see the point. And, I’m not donating $100 either. I’ll donate $10 for the two friends who dared me (thanks D & J!).

But before you get mad and judge that I’m not willing to make the heftier donation, I have a reason. I appreciate that this started for ALS awareness but let’s have it grow to something much, much larger.

While I don’t talk about it here, our family wholeheartedly believes in supporting with our time and resources our community and organizations meaningful to us.  So while I’m sick of seeing everyone triple double dare each other, this has the potential if we help it to transform into a major philanthropic moment for our global community. That has me very inspired.

I’m inspired that while people are finding creative ways to simply dump a bucket of ice on their heads, they’re really doing much more. I believe we must all give ways that can help those around us, and it’s the personal interests of each of us that help the so many that need it. We can’t all realistically care about the same cause, which makes this opportunity so great and powerful.

I won’t get into here the organizations my family regularly contributes — they’re ones close to our heart —  but I urge you to think about where you give, be it your time and/or your resources. Both make serious impact.

Dump a bucket of ice on your head, don’t, I don’t really care, but if someone dares you, find a cause meaningful to you and make that first pledge. Just $10 can create a life-long catalyst of change, not only in your life but in those you inspire to do the same.

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  • Jenn from much to my delight

    I too am on the fence about the bucket challenge. I think it’s wonderful that something in reference to charitable giving is going viral-that in itself is amazing. But I read that as donations for ALS have gone way up in recent weeks, donations to many other organizations have gone down. If I was “challenged” I would skip the bucket dumping, and donate to the charity that I care most about. If these videos give more people a little nudge to donate charitably, I do think that’s a good thing.

  • Lyddiegal

    I love seeing people come together to do something positive, no matter what that is, and raising awareness about a disease not many people have heard of is great too. Reminding people to give to charities that are important to their own lives is another big plus.

    But thankfully no one has tagged me because I will not be dumping a bucket of ice water on my head.

  • Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

    So appreciative of this and agree with a lot of what you said! While I recognize that ALS is a cause to support, I also believe in supporting causes you care about, and I don’t think it should come from a place of peer pressure but from your own heart!

  • Joanne Almonte Mason

    I agree to all of this. What annoys me is that those that do the challenge 1) still aren’t aware of what ALS is and 2) don’t donate and just do the challenge. HOWEVER, you’re right, the cause has gained some major awareness in one way or another and that’s the point, so..

  • Kellyann

    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking! Amen sista!

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