recipe: peaches and pork (or chicken)

May 28, 2014

georgia peaches
For a lighter — yet satisfying — summer dinners, food contributor & photographer Libby is back sharing this awesome summer dish. While she made it with pork, must admit I’ve never had a pork chop so I’m ready to pair flavorful ingredient with chicken. Simple enough to swap out the protein! Enjoy…

Libby: It all started with a long drive across the state of Florida, and subsequently a quick pit stop at Yeehaw Junction (this tiny spot where a lot of people get on the Turnpike). There they were – a bucket of beautiful, ripe peaches. Of course, I had to buy them – the smell, even the way they felt in my hands. I was in love.

I realized I had a ton of peaches I needed to use fast. This recipe was a great start – and everything easily available from the pantry (or bar). The rest of the peaches? Consumed with kefir and granola.

peaches and pork (or chicken!)


peaches and pork (or chicken!)
Pork Chops with super simple peach and bourbon topping
Serves two (with leftovers depending on the size of your chops)

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 pork chops
salt and pepper
¼ cup shallot or red onion
3 ripe peaches, cut into slices
1 teaspoon thyme
2 Tablespoons Bourbon
¼ cup chicken broth
1-2 Tablespoons raw honey


  1. Heat the olive oil over medium high heat. Season the pork chops with salt and pepper. Add the pork chops and cook about 3 to four minutes per side until cooked through. Remove from heat and tent with foil.
  2. Add the onions or shallot to the oil and sauté one to two minutes.
  3. Add the peaches and cook another 2-4 minutes until they’re broken down and softened.
  4. Add the bourbon, chicken broth and honey and cook another two minutes. The mixture will cook down and thicken up.
  5. To serve, place on top of the pork chop. Serve with couscous or mashed potatoes.

peaches and pork (or chicken!)

photo and recipe: libby v. of

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  • Lyddiegal

    Peach season doesn’t start until august here, so I will have to keep this one on the back burner until then, but it does look good…

  • Kristin of LivingInColorPrint

    This looks delicious…must try!


    Kristin of

  • The Adored Life

    Peach season never really starts in Kansas sadly!

  • Joules

    I love combining meat and fruit. This recipe looks great!

    Style by Joules

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