8 must haves for baby

March 5, 2014

baby finds for 2014 When we had our now four-year old girl, I was a wreck. I was reading everything, analyzing every product, and thought I needed the world. The unexpected is just so overwhelming. The second time around, I obviously benefited from a few items saved, a few passed from friends (thanks to awesome friends A + M for our guy’s stylish wardrobe!), and the rest, just figuring out what’s really most useful. Whether for yourself, or for a baby gift, these finds are the all-stars as we adjust to new baby. They really go through each stage so quickly that it doesn’t make sense to load up on toys and gadgets they won’t appreciate, and you’ll never really use.

I hear wraps, carriers, etc are awesome, but since I’m working most days I haven’t invested in one; that said, a new mom friend can’t get enough of this. Do you have other favorites? Share in the comments section!

aden and anais burp cloths and bibs (dozens of prints): this brand is a must. I tossed or donated most bibs after testing these. People raved about its muslin blankets for swaddling but we found our little guy would just break free. However, the bibs and burp cloths? Incredible. They’re the right size so you’re not getting drenched (fact) and your baby grows into them (i.e. not that crazy small newborn size that works for a second), super absorbent yet not plastic-y, and are so soft for baby. I also love that the button instead of the zipper; doesn’ t get destroyed in the washing machine (or get stuck to other clothes) and easy to quietly remove before bed or nap. t rave about these daily.

woombieCreate this cozy little zippered space for the babe who is missing the womb. When our swaddling wasn’t working we transferred to this and saw immediate sleep improvement. Within a day. Once he started rolling over, we switched to these.

snug a monkey rock and play: swear to you we received five of these within two weeks of welcoming home our guy. We kept two — one for each floor — because they’re so functional. They’re the perfect size for baby, vibrate and rock as they move. You can also remove the lining to easily wash. Our guy often naps in ours, and we’ve heard friends who have let their babes sleep in it overnight, too.

wubba nub pacifier holder: a cute and cozy way to keep your paci nearby. The paci is affixed and babe often likes to hold. Comes in dozens of animals.

zippered pajamas: when it’s 3 am, or two months into very little sleep the last thing I want to do is figure out which button goes where. Can’t handle it. Zippering takes one second and is totally fool-proof.

cozy pants + tees: not a necessity but who doesn’t want a dapper or darling little one? Most of the clothes I’ve bought from our guy are from Gap (Bloomingdales and Target is probably a close second). Gap, like Bloomingdales (in store), has amazing sales and the quality is really there. I’m partial to tees compared to onesies (again, those buttons!) along with pants or shorts; Gap’s spring line is chock-full of great finds.

anywhere chair: great gift item alert. Yeah, you don’t need one but it’s something that a child will have for years. Our 4-year old girl uses hers more now than ever, reading books, playing in her room, watching tv. It’s lightweight, easy to pull around and can be washed. It’s also a fun growth indicator for monthly pictures. 

books: four of our personal favorites… oh baby! go baby! // the very hungry caterpillar // where is baby’s belly button? // guess how much I love you: what baby can have too many books?

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  • http://www.thestylizedwannabe.com/ ashleigh

    So many things are different now, but so many are the same. My “babies: are 8 and 6. I’m definitely nostalgic for the baby days!

  • Shara

    I love the aden + anais muslin blankets but not for swaddling (we use halo sleep sacks with the swaddle because my little guys would bust out of blankets too). The muslins are great for nursing covers and throwing over the car seat or stroller for a little sun or wind protection.

  • http://www.thestylescribe.com Merritt Beck

    that onesie is too cute!!

    The Style Scribe

  • Yuliya Olifer

    My sister just had a baby so this post is super helpful.


  • http://www.lovelucygirl.com/ Kayla Wallace Gilbert

    Ohh how sweet! That little sleeper is adorable! : )

  • lexi

    I love this post! Thank you!

    • http://www.lovelucygirl.com/ Kayla Wallace Gilbert

      does that mean you’re having a boy?? ; )

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