trend to try: winter florals

January 16, 2014

Excited to introduce a new monthly feature called Trend to Try! There are so many trends out there and sometimes it’s just hard to know where to start, and how the average girl can realistically integrate it into her lifestyle. The goal is to share each month on-trend, stylish and wearable pieces, all at affordable price points (think under $100) in the more ‘classic’ versions of the trend. Yes, some trends might be more of-the-moment than others, but at least you can extend the life of your piece as much as possible.

First up: winter florals. This reminds me of last year when I couldn’t find these amazing H&M floral print pants. I still think about them (yes, I’m a little crazy!).  A little darker than their summer counterparts, it’s your way of saying that you’re ready to leap toward spring. Most of these are timeless; wear them each winter, but they also look so good year-round, particularly for a night out. I just bought the floral/zipper top below, and this floral denim is now screaming my name. In truth, I could take each of these in a heartbeat.

Winter Florals

b+w plus-size sweatshirt //bomber jacket // floral chiffon blouse //  floral + zipper sweatshirt // red floral dress

necklace // baseball hat // tom’s flats // scarf // heels

zip wallet //black + gold skirt // casual pant

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