Welcome to the first official post for Feel Fit February, a month focused on helping women feel strong and healthy — and committing to ditching the scale! — in partnership with Vahni and Erika. Today, each of us is sharing our weight/scale issues and where we are now in our lives.

Feel Fit February

Awhile back I shared with you my life-long struggle with weight (read here, including a few old photos). To briefly recap, since I was 5 or 6 I was always slightly heavier. Post college, my 5’3 frame tipped over at 152 (so painful when the nurse moves the scale from the 100 to 150 mark), and I knew I had to make a change. Number aside, it was a signal that I needed to take better care of me. I joined Weight Watchers, started exercising more regularly (doing a 15 min Pilates video most nights, and gym or running on the weekends), becoming more aware of my eating habits, and voila, I lost about 35 pounds.

Because WW is so focused on the number, it’s been hard for me to move myself away from it for more than a few days. I even get on at night before bed (because it’s in my bathroom; no longer), and why? It’s punishment because no good things are going to come from weighing yourself at 10:30 pm after dinner. The funny thing is, regardless of the number, I don’t change my behavior. For this reason, why weigh myself and make myself feel bad for no good reason? Hence: ditch the scale month! Even if I don’t exercise or change my eating (which I will be doing), I need a healthier mindset when it comes to my body image.

Like you, I know when I’m up or down a few lbs based on how my clothes fit. I don’t need a scale to validate that. While nearly 10 years ago the scale helped me get to my goal (I’m very practical, and seeing the number change — since you’re not always buying new clothes and for years I saw a bigger person in the mirror; takes your mind a while to catch up) — but now, it absolutely should not and can not dictate my day.

I have a three-year old baby and jeans I just rediscovered in my closet from pre-babe, so I want to work on exercising and feeling good. Finding a way to fit into those jeans again will be my recognition that I’m doing right by my body; not if it says 122 instead of 128. Hell, I don’t care what the number is: muscle weighs more than fat so I’m be happy to put on a few pounds if it means I was getting stronger!

I have been eliminating processed crap, 100 calorie snacks and packaged foods that have mysterious ingredients and leave me hungry. I need to continue to do that. I also need to find a way to exercise more. It makes me feel so, so good. I used to love to run but hard for me now due to some health issues, so getting to the gym or finding something else I’m passionate about (that’s close to my house!) is key. Any suggestions on workouts you love (besides cross fit)? I’d love if you’d share.

For Feel Fit February, I really hope you’ll join us in ditching the scale for one month and seeing how you feel at the end. Are you willing to join in? 

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