Vent Sesh: Is Bigger Better?

January 23, 2013

Vent Sesh: Growing Your Business

This Vent Sesh is about the need to supersize everything. First it was food, then televisions (coincidence?), bigger homes, cars, everything.

Right now, in my life, it’s about business. When are we OK with what we have? I remember someone told/warned me when we got engaged that every question will turn to marriage, and then immediately to having a baby. You think you’ve quieted the masses when you have a baby, but no, it’s when are you having another. Clearly it’s not OK to just have one… and that it’s ok to keep asking (psst: it’s not; read this Vent Sesh about stop asking questions).

Lately, the “bigger is better mentality” has translated to work. And, I can’t get it to stop.

Whether you own your own business (including a blog) or work for a company, do you get the sense that there’s always the need to grow? How are your financials? Are you bringing in more business, more clients? More readers? How big is your office? But, what’s this need for more and bigger, as long as you’re making the salary you want and are happy with what you’re doing? I’m trying to soak in this moment, the success we’ve had, yet all other people want is… what’s next, how can this grow?

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