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update: office makeover with target, nate berkus

Just a quick update to share some progress made on my PR company’s office entry. Target had me acting like a giddy school girl when they told me a few months ago they could deliver on my

thank you, and best of the web 6.9.13

FIRST, THANK YOU. I knew you guys were amazing, but your open hearts and kind responses to me putting it out there in this week’s vent sesh about our adoption have been beyond words. I have been

vent sesh: personal update about adoption

The baby that we thought was destined to be ours was due four days ago. Since late November 2012 we secretly had been planning to welcome home a baby boy to our family. Just recently, we finally

vent sesh: bathing suit got the best of me

As you read this, I’m in Puerto Rico enjoying a much-needed and way-overdue vacay with my man. We haven’t been away, out of the state without our girl, in a really long time, and we’re really excited

vent sesh: dove real beauty campaign

Beautiful is a strong word. For most women, it’s nearly impossible to say about themselves. Dove, in a recent campaign called Real Beauty Sketches, found that just four percent of us would call ourselves beautiful. Most enlightening

Five Random Things About Me

Last week, one of my bloggie bff’s Kim of Penny Pincher Fashion tagged me to share five random facts about myself. I’ve been seeing this circulate and think it’s so fun to get to know the blogger

Vent Sesh: Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

You’re probably in as much shock as I am reading this headline. I still can’t believe it myself, even as I’m typing these words. But truth: I’m a little in love with the monster-sized clan and the

Vent Sesh: Birthday Reflection

Today, I turn 33! Woohoo! Last year just prior to my birthday I shared Making the Good Positive Again because I had been really struggling if I should celebrate my birthday; feeling like I wanted to mourn the challenges

Vent Sesh: Social Media

I met someone this weekend who told me she gave up social media for Lent. So freeing (ok, and truth, a little scary!). One fast downfall she faced? She got a call from a friend who asked

Meet the Style Activist, She’s Dressed to Kale

Let me start off by saying if you are on Instagram and are not yet following Erika (@styleactivist), you are kinda majorly missing out.  The girl makes the healthiest dishes look like meals you want to jump