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nate berkus’ hollywood hills home inspiration

In advance of sharing with you our updated office space — a project we’re wrapping up in partnership with Target x Nate Berkus — we’re compelled to share with you the major interior design inspiration that is

wednesday words: workin’ for success

Yeah, there’s a few people that have moments when stars align and they get to the top of the ladder a little faster than others, but let’s be honest: that’s a rarity. Success comes from work, hard

tagg talk: saver or spender

Let’s talk honestly for a minute, ladies: when it comes to money, are you a saver or spender? Do you find yourself clipping coupons, digging online for sales or are you more prone to pull that highly

tagg talk: believing in yourself at work, my milestone moment

Just more than a year ago I made the ultimate leap in myself: I signed a two-year agreement to lease 900-sq.-ft. of office space for my growing PR company. At the time, I had one full-time employee,

update: office makeover with target, nate berkus

Just a quick update to share some progress made on my PR company’s office entry. Target had me acting like a giddy school girl when they told me a few months ago they could deliver on my

vent sesh: personal update about adoption

The baby that we thought was destined to be ours was due four days ago. Since late November 2012 we secretly had been planning to welcome home a baby boy to our family. Just recently, we finally

home style: easy breezy whites

With just the right touch, a white space can be breezy, beautiful, classic and… not-at-all hospital sterile feeling. Whether it’s adding punches of color, a black on white scheme, touches of soft grey or using expansive windows

must watch: if we could see inside other people’s hearts

A quick post to share a video circulating on Facebook that touched me in a profound way. Ever since getting my neurological diagnosis a few years ago I’ve been keenly more aware of how little we see

vent sesh: bathing suit got the best of me

As you read this, I’m in Puerto Rico enjoying a much-needed and way-overdue vacay with my man. We haven’t been away, out of the state without our girl, in a really long time, and we’re really excited

vent sesh: dove real beauty campaign

Beautiful is a strong word. For most women, it’s nearly impossible to say about themselves. Dove, in a recent campaign called Real Beauty Sketches, found that just four percent of us would call ourselves beautiful. Most enlightening