Genius Kitchen Tools

February 23, 2012

During a quick perusal in Sur la Table yesterday, I fell in love with an entire end cap by the brand, Joseph Joseph. What immediately struck me were the elevated utensils, a solution to my frustrations of having no place to put a dirty spatula or spoon while cooking (not a fan of those spoon cradles). Not only is this helpful to keep the kitchen clean, it’s way more hygienic. Upon further inspection, the line boasts an array of colorful, bold (and affordable!) kitchen utensils that totally resolve challenges I had with most of my kitchenware. I immediately purchased a lime green multi-purpose spoon/spatula, and am eyeing a lot more. 

Check it out; how fun and useful are these tools?


foldable graters / elevated utensils spaghetti measure (this is my next purchase!) / scoop colander 

Folding colanders, compact herb choppers, jar spoons, space savers and more can be found on their web site. There’s more than 50 oh-so useful items to covet. Honestly, you might just die and go to kitchen heaven.


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