Rope and Chain DIY Necklace

September 5, 2012

Happy 1st Wednesday of the month, which only means… it’s DIY Wednesday with Erin of Thanks, I Made It! Take it away, Erin…
I was quite taken with the image below, and thought the necklace pictured just screamed “DIY me!” The combination of rope and chain is a great mix of crafty and cool, so here’s my spin on the combination. Keep reading for how to make your own.


Tools and Materials
Cotton rope, 6 ft
Thin chain, 24 inches
2 jump rings and clasp
2 cord ends (also know as bead caps, cones, and tips; similar here)
Strong glue
Bundle up the rope so you have three sections to braid, each with two strands of rope and about a foot long.
Center the chain along one of the bundles, so that there is an equal amount of chain on either end of the rope.
Braid the rope and chain together, keeping the chain with one bundle of rope.
Tightly tape together the ends of the rope, but not the chain.
Cut through the tape to create an evenly trimmed end for the rope. Slide one of the cord ends over the chain.
Add a drop of glue on the tape and rope and cover the ends of the rope and the tape with the cap. Pull the cap down tightly, and repeat to trim and cover the other end of the braid.
Make sure both ends of the chain are an even length, trim if necessary, then add jump rings and a clasp.
Thanks again to our DIY contributor, Erin of Thanks, I Made It! for this amazing DIY. Be sure to visit TIMI to show her some love (and check out her other amazing DIYs and inspirations.
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  • Shannon Anderson

    This is too cute and too easy to not make! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      Thanks for checking it out!

  • Jenna

    This is amazing. Thanks for sharing this. I am defiantly going to try and make this.

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      If you do, hope you’ll tweet or instagram and a pic to show us. have fun!

  • Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

    This is an amazing DIY – and looks so easy!

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      Hi Lauren, totally agree! Always love a fashionable, easy DIY.

  • Erin @ ThanksIMadeIt

    It is SO easy! Glad you all like it! : )

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      Yayyyy, LOVE this Erin!! You’re a DIY rockstar.

  • grace – stripes + sequins

    Absolutely love it – so classic and simple… but so pretty! Nice work, Erin!

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      Thanks, Grace!! Erin is so talented.

  • Marissa

    Looks great! If only I were crafty enough :-)

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      Marissa: this definitely looks like something any of us can do (I’m not the craftiest either). Try it! :)

  • Donna

    Love this idea. Thanks

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      So glad to hear!

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  • Eat.Style.Play

    Very pretty, I’ve always wanted to make some stuff on my own, maybe I’ll try it with different String for the Fall.

  • Kara Endres

    Oooh, this is so pretty! I love the way rope necklaces look, especially with delicate chains. May have to try this one!

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