Best Pumpkin Recipes

October 23, 2012

Fall makes this average gal want to go pumpkin crazy. I use pumpkin year-round for these easy/healthy cakes + mini muffins, however October is the time to let the taste of pumpkin shine. Here’s the best pumpkin recipes this fall. Is your fav recipe missing?  Leave it in the comments below so everyone can check it out!

Best Pumpkin Recipes || The Average Girl's Guide

left:  pumpkin magic bars  || gluten-free pumpkin pancakes ||pumpkin pie protein smoothie

rightpumpkin pillows ||  pumpkin cookie dough dip || pumpkin chocolate cheesecake|| pumpkin whoopee pies with maple cream cheese filling

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  • Hitha Palepu

    I have a bunch here –

    My favorites are definitely the pumpkin risotto, the pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pancakes :)

  • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

    mmm – drooling over the risotto!

  • erika sheffer

    yummm thank you! i’m in great company :)

  • Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

    You’ll like these – gluten free pumpkin muffins. I add dark chocolate chips. Even my gluten-eating boyfriend thinks they’re amazing:

  • Stephanie Gerber

    I bet they’re all absolutely delicious!

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