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February 3, 2013


It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Here’s the couch potato guide to the commercials.

Have a love affair with stripes? Check out this room re-do on the cheap to integrate them!

So, so excited about Feel Fit February with Vahni & Erika. I love meeting other talented, smart women; these two certainly fit the bill. Hoping you’re going to ditch the scale this month with us!! Yes? 

Have a piece of jewelry or a cool blouse, or something else you want but can’t afford? Suggest it to Erin who is letting you pick the next DIY! Loving all of the ideas we’re getting; thanks, everyone!

Kitchen gear favorites; totally on board with this list.

Overwhelmed online? Excellent post how to organize your online life. Helpful.

“Crazy ideas are not always crazy.” <— wise words and so much more in this post that’s a recap from a blogger’s conference but really life lessons for any woman who wants to get back to the basics of who she is, what distinguishes her and why she’s a rockstar.

Why buy a chic leather clutch when you can make one via this DIY tutorial?

DEAL: how adorbs is this b+w heart graphic light-weight sweater? And, I swear every girl needs at least one floral cardigan in her life (I have three!). This one is so good (take 30% off with NOW30).

Pssst: want to get to get to know the girl behind The Average Girl’s Guide a bit better? Check out this Q&A with everything from my five must haves and what’s on my reading list to how my other business started… it’s all on Kim’s adorable blog!


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