vent session

I had high hopes that today would be my first official VENT SESH on the bloggie however life got in the way. Work has been so busy (three potential new clients in one week. Weee!) that it’s been impossible to dedicate the time. That said, here’s a mini Vent Sesh that I hope you’ll comment on.

This morning I visited my secret bff (the counselor!) and totally prepared by not even putting on mascara. But guess what? I actually don’t cry. Woohoo! :) What I learned is that I need to stop feeling guilty about everything, which ps: is totally self inflicted!. I feel guilty that I should spend more time with my daughter, that I should be somewhere five minutes earlier and that I should do more for each client. The list goes on. She said that first, I need to stop saying the word ‘should’ and instead remind myself I am doing the best I can. She’s so right.

{can you hear me taking a sigh of relief?}

So as you know, last night I went ahead and purchased this sequin beauty from Zara just because, and man, I love it so much it’s literally sitting in my office with me. Yeah, I’m that nerd and totally admitting it! Here’s a quick snapshot of me with it today. LOVE the contrast with the cardy.

cardigan: ann taylor / pants: gap / bracelets: lord & taylor and baublebar / necklace: ?  (ages old) / watch: swatch / nails: essie ups / clutch: zara