strawberry jam

strawberry jam recipe || the average girl's guide

Mmm, strawberry jam! There’s nothing like fresh jam, be it simply on a hearty piece of toast or biscuit with a cup of joe or, my favoirte: inside a baked brie. #salivating. Since our new food contributor and photographer Libby is a jam-making fanatic, we couldn’t resist asking her to share her secret, stealth ways so us average gals (well, average jam makers!) can come across as jam rockstars. She’s also including variations so you can make a strawberry balsamic, or even a strawberry vanilla jam. This looks so, so good and fresh. I’m already counting down until Sunday brunch! Ps: do the latest dishes on Libby’s site look beyond? Want to take a bite of my screen. {being honest}.

strawberry jam recipe || the average girl's guide

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