Ah, resolutions. What’s the point, right? Lose weight? Never happens. Watch tv less? Eh. So many good shows. Cook a new recipe a week? Lasted a month. Instead of focusing on the tangible this year, I’m pretty much focusing on three things (ok, and two superficial ones, too!) most of you probably cannot see yet I’m confident will make me infinitely happier . Here goes… now

BE PRESENT. // I’ve found, and seen others doing it too, that we’re just not present with other people, including our children (sadly). I pick up my phone out of habit. To check the time despite never leaving home without a watch. To check my email incessantly despite it being a weekend. To feel compelled to check my social platforms despite being in the presence of my incredible daughter, my husband and our sweetest little baby boy, all of whom I see far less than I’d like to. I could write a book about this.   Keep Reading —>>



January 1, 2013

Happy 2013! Just a quick post for the New Year as I think about what I want to accomplish in 2013. I think back three years, when I was working somewhere else, this blog didn’t exist (ok, six or seven posts were out there!), we had a six-week old and life was… going. I was nearly 30. Just three years later, I have two businesses — the PR company and this blog — my daughter is incredible, so smart and her hugs make my world go ’round, we moved into a new home this year, and I have the most supportive husband, family and friends. Why do I stress so much? Life could be way worse.

Everything I want in 2013 revolves around the same idea: be the best version of me. I hope to stress less, be happy more, embrace the non-working moments (i.e. remove myself from my phone and all of its addicting social media apps!), continue to grow both businesses, focus on friends who want to be friends with me, invest in quality clothing and pieces that make me feel amazing every time I get dressed, get stronger and healthier (i.e. build my muscles and take my meds), and just enjoy the moments. Whether it’s watching my girl ride her bike, holding hands with my husband or hanging on a couch laughing with friends, those are the moments I want to soak in and never let go.

Sending you the most sincere thank you for reading The Average Girl’s Guide!! Wishing you the most wonderful 2013!


I’m so immersed in reading Hunger Gamesthat I have to admit it’s hard to do anything else (i.e. write a real post!). Armed with all three books on my iPad, I did some killer multi-tasking yesterday (and resolution accomplishing!) when I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes while reading, plus I’ve been reading every chance I get.  Could this series be any more intense? I doubt it and love every word. I’m currently two-thirds into book two.

The movie comes out March 23 (Hunger Games trailer) and I get the sense you’ll be left behind wondering what the heck everyone is talking about if you don’t start reading now (Great prices on Amazon, ps!).  Envisioning a Twilight-esque frenzy!

Next up on my reading list? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and also Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. Kind of random, but it’s a best seller with more than 4 million copies sold so I think I could benefit from hearing; I start to feel this way as it relates to my health and I’m sure many of you wonder for your own personal reasons so curious what this author has to say! Have you read?

On a lighter note, I’m finally sharing the winner of the Target $50 gift card! The holidays just went by faster than I could imagined. Congrats to… Amanda Sakovitz! Email me at averagegirlsguide @ to claim! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and thanks again for reading The Average Girl’s Guide. Looking forward to 2012!

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