I’m always awe-stuck and amazed — not by the people who have everything — but those with so little who yet remain positive, driven and grounded when it’s easy to be grumpy, negative and full of excuses. They should be constant reminders to all of us to focus on what we have and our potential instead of what’s missing and what could be. We are all allowed those “debby downer days” as I call them (I’m so cool, I know), but just remember to never get swallowed up by those emotions; it’s  so hard to escape.



That Carrie from SATC was a smart chick. She had three amazing friends that she could go for drinks or brunch with, and that she knew would be there during life’s challenging, most sucky moments. Couldn’t agree more.  It’s way better to have a handful — or just one! — amazing friend that you can totally confide in without fear the world knowing, who can pick you up, or just be there to be like, “yeah this sucks.” — then bring over wine, ice cream, or whatever your indulgence.  She’s the first one to say congrats, mazel or you rocked it, and truly mean it without any hint of jealousy. She loves you to pieces because she sees just how awesome you really are. We love her.


True Statement

March 5, 2013


So many times we re-hash what’s already happened instead of moving on, moving forward. Let’s focus on the next steps instead of playing whatever it is back in our mind a million times. Never once has doing so changed the outcome of the situation, so focus on making the next chapter the best one yet. I’m excited, are you?



Wise Words

January 17, 2013


Found this on Pinterest and it immediately resonated. We can’t let others decide our happiness, and while it’s totally going to be hard for me to do this — perhaps its the people pleasing, caring what others think personality in me — in 2013, I’m going to do my best not to give a damn, and I’m kind of excited about it. Ha! Who’s on board?

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