An adoption story

I never envisioned I’d adopt. In fact, when I was young I never envisioned much when it came to kids of my own. Kind of assumed I’d have a boy and a girl, because, that seemed like what could make a family (and what I came from). I just assumed it would be me delivering them. And, all was on track when I gave birth to our little girl nearly five years ago. But, things have a way of changing in ways you never imagine.

A little over a year ago I shared here how my husband and I tried to adopt, only to have it fall apart right after Mother’s Day 2013… just three weeks before the due date. I won’t get into that again except to say that, like with other things, I’m confident things happen for a reason.

Last Tuesday, our little boy who was born in November officially became ours by law. The “gotcha” day as it’s apparently called. In some ways it was monumental, and in other ways, hardly news at all. He’s been ours since the moment we met. He just fit into our family. Yes, we now had a boy and a girl but it wasn’t for that reason at all. He’s just ours. Our daughter fell instantly in love; she immediately declared him her best friend and the way she sings, plays and hangs with him could make you cry. The fit was perfect. She raised her right hand higher than any of us (as you see above) to swear that Evan is all ours. There was no question, and it became immediately clear that had the other adoption not gone sour, we wouldn’t be here. With Evan. Our son. Keep Reading —>>


meet our baby boy

November 28, 2013


While you’ve probably seen via social media by now, couldn’t resist a break in programming to well, explain to why there’s been a break in regular programming. Meet our baby boy, Evan!  Our little man was born 11.11 here in Florida, and was two-weeks old when this picture was taken on Monday. We’re completely smitten, and better yet, our daughter has proclaimed him her new best friend, and “he’s so handsome mommy. I love him so much. I’ll never let you down, baby!” Ok, seriously?!

A lot to be thankful this year! I’ll share more about his/our story at a later time here but for now we’re just enjoying the moment, and getting through a very hectic holiday season. Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah, if you’re celebrating!) to you and your loved ones.

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