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Dad’s Day Finds

June 12, 2012

Why is Father’s Day always so hard to shop for? Men just can be impossible to find gifts for sometimes. I buy my husband items on an as-needed basis and the man wants nothing. ever. It’s dreadful, ha! Lucky for me his birthday is also later this month so I’m always storing ideas away for June. Can’t tell you here what I’m getting my guy however I love thoughtful gifts for Father’s and Mother’s so the sentiment is kept high and the costs low. Consider a creative “dad” picture frame idea like this (I tried last year except our girl absolutely refused to smile; not the best!). Otherwise, check one of these fun Father’s Day finds, each under $100!


 Alarm Clock for your iPhone by Jack Spade ($40) // Tree Bark Wine Stopper from Leif ($8; the coolest!) //Genuine Leather Case for Kindle by Marware ($32) + Kindle, of course (start at $79) // Finest Shave Deluxe Sampler, which includes certificate for one full-size bottle from Sephora ($25) // Automatic Turn Table ($89; on sale) // Sanuk slip-ons ($51; love the neutral grey!) //S’mores Bars by Papery & Cakery (truth, I’ve been looking for an excuse to share these with you for while now!) //Monogram Grill Tools with storage from Williams Sonoma ($92)


I can’t believe Mother’s Day is this weekend! If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mama or you’re a guy scouring the web at the last minute for a thoughtful gift, here are a few ideas I’m loving. While any mom is sure to adore something purchased from a store, consider instead or add to a store-bought gift something special that a mom will cherish forever.



 DIY bathroom jars //custom mouse pad // semi-DIY decorated coffee station //custom name and picture boards //gold vase flower arrangement // lizzie fortunato inspired scale bracelet //


Valentine’s Lust List

February 7, 2012

It seems a little unfair of me to even ‘want’ for Valentine’s Day with us just moving into a new home a week ago but alas, is it fair of me to try to control my lusts? Ha, I think not! The husband I typically keep our prices to a minimum around Valentine’s, especially with it being so close to the holidays and my birthday in my March, and this list doesn’t stray far from that.

Keeping it under $75, and most well below $50, here are a few items perfect for my list or yours:



day at the beach (the perfect mini vacay!) /glam neige collar via bauble bar (white accessories look perfect with everything) / decorate (spied this book in anthropologie and you would have thought I was in Barnes & Noble, standing there reading an excessively long time. Gorgeous, great advice) /opal sparks leather pouch via anthrolologie (metallic polka dots? yes! The flip side is solid silver) / self-inking stamp (so my new addy always looks fashionable. plus have you seen my handwriting? ouch)  hunger games stamped bracelet (read the trilogy — access them all on amazon here -  and am now dying for the film to come out. This is a great saying)

PS: Today’s the LAST day to enter to win your choice of a product from Andalou Naturals, my favorite new go-to organic line of beauty products. So amazing, and perk: affordably priced.


Uncommon Goods

November 8, 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with catalogues. On one hand: it’s so much paper wasted for stores I’ll just shop online for or conversely, could care less about (and wondering how the heck they found me!). On the other hand: I get to drool over my favorite stores latest looks (talking to you Nordstrom, J. Crew, Anthro and Bloomies), and discover fabulous new brands, too.

This week’s find? Uncommon Goods. Tons of unique gifts, creative finds, lots of items made from recycled items, etc.  Also, tons of awesome items for entertaining or for that gracious hostess in your life. Here’s a few I’m spying (good thing since I’m planning my daughter’s second birthday and Thanksgiving five days apart).  



1. satellite bowl ($35-$45) /2. recycled wine bottle platters ($20) /3soup and sandwich ceramic duo set ($30) - also PERFECT for ice cream and pie, cereal and a fruit, options are endless /face mug ($18) / rainbow hors d’oeuvres set ($44) / unzippered glass bag ($20)

So, fun, right? TAGG always recommends a fun (and functional!) conversation piece!

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