outfit: faded blues

April 7, 2014

lace and denim

For more than a year I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of distressed light denim with a slimmer fit, in contrast to the baggier boyfriend style more common with this wash and style. I even purchased a more relaxed fit last year thinking it would work. It didn’t. It made me feel bigger, sagged in the crotch, and unlike celebs and style bloggers who rock them with major heels and somehow look effortlessly chic, I just wanted them for weekend errands to wear with flats or sandals. Keep Reading —>>


If It Was Cold In Florida

February 4, 2013

Winter is Florida is approximately 76 degrees at all times. We’ve had a recent dip around 68 during the day but it’s so infrequent and with the sun it’s really too much to wear a big jacket (though you do see it, along with boots and sweaters!). I’ve worn this leopard coat once so far but couldn’t resist layering it just to show you how I’d wear it. I’m actually in Minneapolis right now for a thinking-I’m-in-a-dream-this-is-so-amazing trip, part of being in the Target Inner Circle. Today, we’re getting a tour of HQ, meeting some very cool execs to understand how they pick and market products and so much more. Then tomorrow, we’re doing a photo shoot! OK, die. I have no idea what it’s being used for bt who cares; I’m so, so grateful. Anywho, I digress. I brought along my more practical white marshmallow jacket just to ensure extra warmth. Too weird to layer it with this, right? :) If only I could carry it all!

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DIY Polka Dotted Pants

August 28, 2012

I’ve been a bit obsessed with the polka dot craze. I mean who’s not right now? However, I’ve been making my purchases at affordable shops like Old Navy, Target and Gap, avoiding $260 J. Crew (incredible) cashmere sweaters and $150 jeans. Unlimited budget, sure, but otherwise it’s not going to happen.

Instead I had it in my head to DIY polka dotted jeans. I had a pair of Forever 21 oldies that I was ready to get rid of or cut-off so this was an ultra affordable, no-harm-done, DIY if it flopped. I intended to take fabric paint and dot it on the with the back of an eraser until I saw c.w. frosting use a Clorox bleach pen to achieve the same result. I was off…

Denim skinnies (just $10) or anything else.
Clorox bleach pen (2); I used about one and a half.

Lay denim flat, apply bleach dots with the thin side of the pen to one side. You can first use a pencil if you want to perfect the location of each dot.

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Mountain Style

August 13, 2012

Is “mountain style” a thing? Ha, doubtful but that’s the best title I had (been a bit under the weather). This is the last Vermont-related post, promise, however just had to share these amazing views, and the outfit I wore. When Adam and I took an overnight to Stowe we heard that at the top of the mountain — about a 10 minute drive — you could take a gondola further up for breathtaking views and to enjoy lunch at the Cliff House (or bring your own for a little picnic!). It really made our mini getaway so special, and one I’d definitely do again. Beautiful, right?

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