As much as I’ve been adoring the chambray shirt trend for more than a few seasons, I kept wondering if it was here to stay. Ladies: it is so grab yourself one if you don’t already. What’s nice is that it’s ultra versatile, transforming a glittery mini to a perfect weekend style, serving as a cover up to your bikini, with buttons left open as a quasi cardigan/jacket, and much more. Just look for a good fit. I’ve passed up a few that didn’t fit perfectly in the bust, had really long arms or were way too boxy.

Use this one piece to remix and expand your wardrobe infinite ways, using this as inspiration.

with white jeans /  with pink pants /  layered with mint  /with denim /  with a white skirt / with bright pink shorts with lots and lots of chiffon / with bright yellow open under a dress with green skirt with lots of patterns /with stripes /

Want to get in on the chambray action? Here are a few fabulous finds under the $50 mark:


Topshop / Forever 21 /  J. Crew / Lands End / Old Navy / Gap



What’s calling my name this fall? The same that’s been on my mind aaaalllllllll summer long! A chambray shirt. Mmmm, delicious! Know what it is? Let’s say it’s kind of like a denim shirt but a little softer and more feminine. OK, maybe that’s not the best description. Just pick a denim shirt and call it ‘chambray’ and you’re totally stylin’! Lol, at least that’s waht this gal is saying.

I love its versitility, like you can do the denim on denim thing like this like we saw on Pretty Shiny Sparkly


Or, you can tuck it in for a glam look like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere did (and ps: she’s totally wearing the J. Crew one I’m coveting, $78)…


So many options, right? Still on the hunt, though I did recently pick up a great v-neck ‘chambray’ tee on clearance at Old Navy that you might have spied in yesterday’s outfit post. I tried on the O.N. chambray button-down but it wasn’t working for me; oddly it was too tight in the chest (and let me tell you, I never have that problem if you know what I mean! hah). Plan to check out Gap, Madewell, Lulu’s and Modcloth online before just giving in to the J. Crew one. Best to get it after I receive my monthly catalogue, usually stuffed wtih a lovely 20 percent off coupon.

So what do you think, it this a look you wear or plan to wear this Fall?

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