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Meet Neris. Of course she’s a fabulous blogger friend…. how else would I meet this gorgeous, talented gal who lives in… Croatia?! She might be the furthest TAGG has extended thus far… exciting! With a love of fashion and shoes (Neris has more than 100 pairs!), she started her blog Fashion Fractions in May and it’s totally taken off. She has excellent, fun taste and a personality to match where you’ll see she definitely has an affinity for accessories, so trust me when I told you you’re getting the scoop from an expert!

Love that this girl has an adventurous, take-risks spirit: she moved to the U.S. completely alone at 17-years old to graduate high school, got a scholarship to college and stayed for four more years. After getting her marketing degree, she moved back home to Croatia where she lives, works and blogs… when of course she’s not traveling to explore various cultures and traditions. Some of her favorite destinations include New York, Bahamas, London, Amsterdam, Canary Islands and Florence (me too!).

Now that you’ve gotten to know Neris, learn more about her must-have accessories… in her words!

Sunglasses: It’s almost always sunny in my hometown so I don’t think I would be able to survive a week without my sunnies. Besides their obvious function of protecting our eyes, nice sunglasses can easily transform a simple look into the chic one, and are amazing for those days we don’t feel like putting our eye makeup on (we all have those days, right). I ALWAYS carry at least one pair of sunnies in my bag and splurge on a new pair every couple of months. Pictures: 1, 2, 34.


Watches: A watch is the only piece of jewelry that I wear at all times; I even bought a silicone one to wear to the gym. Whether you like classical pieces or more trendy ones, there are so many great options out there to choose from. A nice watch will not only show you the time; it will be a timeless accessory to your wardrobe. Picture: 1, 2, 3 (just $45!) and 4.


Bracelets: Those of you who follow my blog know that I’m slightly obsessed with bracelets (that’s probably an understatement) and always wear dozens of them on my wrists. What I like the most about bracelets is that you can mix and match high and low pieces, multiple colors, and different materials. The possibilities are endless with bracelets, and the more you play with them, more stylish they will look together. Images: 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Belts: Belts are such an important addition to my wardrobe. I have several classic leather ones, but I actually prefer trendy belts that really stand out in an outfit. That’s why you can find lots of animal printed, sparkly, and metallic belts in my closet. I’m also a proud owner of several unique vintage pieces with interesting buckles that I often use to belt up my dresses. Picture: 1, (on sale at J. Crew for under $20), 3 and 4.


Scarves: I have a huge collection of light scarves because they can be worn during the whole year, they are so simple to throw on, and can make such a big difference with the outfit. When I’m running late or don’t know what to wear, I often wear an all black outfit, put a colorful scarf around my neck, and I’m ready in a minute. Favorite finds: 1, 2, 3, 4.


Thank you so much Alyson for having me on your blog and I really hope that you ladies enjoyed my 5 must haves. If you are interested in my daily outfits and would like to find out more about my style, please visit my blog Fashion Fractions.



5 Must Haves: Winter Wears

December 8, 2011

Kirstin of Kirstin Marie is a fabulous South Florida blogger who started her style blog a little over a year ago to get out of a wardrobe rut and to add some excitement to her life. She is a huge fan of challenges and change, and is excited for the everyday challenge style blogging presents - especially as a curvier girl. From my perspective, this girl definitely has great taste and thing for fun shoes — no problems there! — plus she’s a total sweetheart who is awesome about helping get us local bloggers together.

She works full time as a lighting designer and technical director, as well as an events and  rentals coordinator. Kirstin absolutely loves theater, art work, animals, nature and shoes. Wait, we’ve mentioned shoes haven’t we? Yeah, that’s how big the love seems! hah.

Excited to bring to you her five must have winter wears because these are all majorly on my list as well. Classics infused with fun touches! Without further ado, in her words, here are Kristin’s must haves…


 There is nothing better than a good pair of versatile boots, especially in the winter. I prefer boots that lace up, so they are fully adjustable, though I couldn’t resist the allure of the suede Jemma’s. Boots are excellent with just about anything - dresses, pants, tights, skirts, shorts - you get the picture. They work to keep you warm in the cold, dry in the rain, and stylish always.


Tights are the perfect addition to any outfit - whether for practical or fashionable use. You can layer these babies up underneath your pants to assist in keeping you warm, or you can sport them on your bare legs with a great dress, cute skirt, or even shorts. They are great to add a pop of color, texture, or print to any look.

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

There is nothing I love more than adding a bit of edge to an outfit with one piece. These jackets scream toughness & edginess, but with a touch of femininity. Plus, if it rains or snows, you don’t have to worry about ruining the fabric of your jacket!  TAGG mention: she clearly saw Monday’s outfit post (hello faux moto!)!

1. John Brevard Necklace / 2. John Brevard Ring with Black Diamond / 3. Gold Star Necklace


Statement Jewelry

I love statement jewelry. There is nothing more fun & exotic than a chunky necklace, cocktail ring, cuff, bangle, or bracelet. These are not available to purchase online yet, as they were just launched during Art Basel. The designer, John Brevard, does have an up & coming website - so keep your eyes on that!

Cobalt Blue Skinny Jeans

I am in love with the cobalt blue skinny jeans trend. These can pair with virtually anything in your wardrobe. You can wear them with other bright colors for a bold look, neutrals for a subdued look with a pop of color, or patterns & textures to mix things up. TAGG mention: again, loving Kirstin’s rec. See how I wear mine here!


Meet Kara. She’s a very cool blogger who lives near me in (still kind of steamy) South Florida! I finally met her at the Blogger Brilliance conference and she’s so sweet and fun. A freelance graphic designer, she started her blog Sprinkles in Springs as a way to share love of fashion with others when she had time between work (or wanted to procrastinate!).

As someone who would be asked where she found her clothes, starting a fashion-focused blog featuring lots of her stylish looks totally made sense. And a perk? Unlike me who knows embarrassingly little about design and web sites, this gal can do it all with her design skills! Kara’s a Florida girl (one of literally a handful that were actually born — and still live! - in Florida), who loves traveling to switch up the scenery when she can.

While her must haves are a bit out of my regular price range, totally take her ideas and translate them for whatever budget works for you. So….In her words, her 5 fashionable must haves of the moment!


1. Luxurious Textures

For fall, I’m looking forward to wearing pieces with materials outside of my normal scope. I already have a fur coat that I bought last year (which is one too many for south Florida), but if I didn’t, this one would be mine! I’m also feeling the velvet trend— it’s a must in jewel tones. I also think these silky shorts are so glamorous, and when it gets colder, you can wear them over some opaque tights and boots. These textures remind me of the costumes in old Hollywood films, but worn a modern way.

2. New Sunglasses Silhouettes

One accessory people often overlook is sunglasses. They can really transform your whole look without needing to over-think the rest of your outfit. Imagine you’re in a hurry and just have time to throw on a tee and jeans— throw on a pair of unconventional shades and people will take notice of your effortless chic.

3. Wide-Brim Felt Hat

I’ve never been a hat person until about a year ago when I purchased my first floppy felt hat from American Apparel. It seemed like a lot of money at the time since I truthfully didn’t think I’d wear it all that much, but boy was I wrong! Now I’m on the hunt for a great one in a jewel tone.

4. Statement Jewelry

Ever since I got my look-a-like YSL Arty ring from La Dama, I’ve been wearing it constantly. I never knew statement jewelry was so much fun to wear. Keep in mind, don’t go overboard with it and keep your outfit styling in mind so things don’t clash or look overdone. These pieces, like the sunglasses above, will totally transform your look.

5. Sparkles

I’m a girl and I like sparkles. What can I say? After going gaga over the new Miu Miu glitter booties, these lower-key gold ones caught my eye after seeing Garance Dore show them off on her blog. And you always feel like a million bucks when you’re glittering, so why not. Do glitter on your accessories and sequins on your clothes (not at the same time) and you’ll sparkle your way to the new year!


5 Must Haves: Kate

August 18, 2011

Meet Kate. She’s a DC-based food gal who — get this! — has a blog where she’s trying to cook a meal from every country in the world… in a super tiny space, no less. So awesome and adventurous, right? Feel like this is a little time consuming but the pay-off surely must be pretty delicious. Major yum! How’s she doing? Be sure to visit her blog, 45sqftkitchen.blogspot.com, to see for yourself.

Besides cooking, Kate’s a bargain hunter who loves knitting (something I’ve always wanted to do!), dance, yoga, reading, sunshine, cats and cute-yet-comfy shoes. Sounds like a pretty good list to moi. And, she’s starting a master’s program in geography in the fall… all her global eating better pay off! hah.

Excited to bring to you Kate’s creative and super useful list! In her words, here’s Kate’s 5 must haves….
Cast iron skillet: This may be my favorite piece of kitchen equipment (although it might have to duke it out with my wooden spoon). It does everything from meat to fritters and pancakes to upside down cakes! I love how it lets me start on the stove and move to the oven, then maybe even back to the stove for a pan gravy. My sister is really tired of hearing me talk about this thing but seriously, it’s fantastic. Best part: I got mine for $13 on sale from Amazon with free shipping.
Festive bowls: I have a couple of sets of bowls that I could never do without, but I especially love a set of three smallish brightly colored nested ceramic ones I picked up at Home Goods a couple of years ago. They cost almost nothing, but I use them for everything from mixing sauces, marinades, or dressings to serving side dishes to guests to holding a serving of pasta or soup for a dinner alone.
Cute apron: A former roommate got me an Anthropologie apron for Christmas a couple of years ago. At the time I never would have thought of wearing one, but I love it over a dress when I’m cooking for a guy - it’s sexy but a little demure, and it actually protects my clothes! My favorite thing about the Anthropologie aprons is that they’re a little more fitted than some, so they’re very flattering. I also love seeing the bright colors hanging up in the kitchen.
Goody Simple Styles Spin Hair Pins: D.C. in the summer is a swamp, pure and simple. I’ve been growing my hair out, but there’s just no way I can wear it loose when it’s so humid! I use these things for loose messy buns, neater braided buns, or (my favorite) tucking a french braid for a sophisticated-looking updo. It used to be a many-bobby-pin production to get my hair up, and now it takes about 30 seconds, stays most of the day, and keeps things a little looser so I get fewer headaches. I’m in love!
Quality nail polish: I really don’t wear any makeup (I work early and value my sleep, and glasses hide my genetic dark circles as well as most makeup I would bother to put on). So to give the impression of being well-groomed I keep my nails done all the time. But I really don’t want to spend the time or money at a salon, so I have a weekly manicure ritual with trashy tv or a chick flick. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, and can even turn out a solid french manicure when I make the effort. Chips aren’t attractive and it has to last a week, so good quality nail polish is really important. This summer I’m in love with E-nuf is E-nuf (bright coral, far right) and Ballet Slippers (light pink, center) by Essie.
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