Vent Sesh

Ah, resolutions. What’s the point, right? Lose weight? Never happens. Watch tv less? Eh. So many good shows. Cook a new recipe a week? Lasted a month. Instead of focusing on the tangible this year, I’m pretty much focusing on three things (ok, and two superficial ones, too!) most of you probably cannot see yet I’m confident will make me infinitely happier . Here goes…  now

BE PRESENT. // I’ve found, and seen others doing it too, that we’re just not present with other people, including our children (sadly). I pick up my phone out of habit. To check the time despite never leaving home without a watch. To check my email incessantly despite it being a weekend. To feel compelled to check my social platforms despite being in the presence of my incredible daughter, my husband and our sweetest little baby boy, all of whom I see far less than I’d like to. I could write a book about this.   Keep Reading —>>


vent sesh: doing it all

October 30, 2013

doing it all // the average girl's guide

I often get, “I don’t know how you do it all.” I get this all the time.  And, while yes, I could certainly share tips how I try to accomplish the amount I do, I’m certainly not accomplishing “it all”… whatever that means.

Do you know the last time I finished a book? Embarassed. I’m half or two-thirds through quite a few. Do you know the last time I made an awesome home-cooked meal? It’s been ages. Yeah, I cook but not like I used to, and not with the fun of experimenting that I’d enjoy. Do I exercise? I’m lucky if I get it in once per week.

See what I mean? The grass is always greener. I’m envious of women who have time to make any of the dishes, decorations and DIYs they pin. Who work out at least three times per week or run miles each day. Who blow through a new book each week, and who get to spend more time with their children or spouse.

Facebook and other social media tend to give us a false impression of what the other person has going on. Keep Reading —>>


words: rainy days

October 10, 2013

rainy days

sounds divine, huh??


tagg talk: nice girls

October 3, 2013


Realizing lately that we need to put the emphasis back on showcasing the nice girls. While I adore the movie, Mean Girls, that’s pretty much where my love for them ends. Otherwise mean, gossipy girls can suck up too much of our time and attention, and move the focus from where it should be… the niceys!

I guess our personal friendships have similarities to business: you often hear about the complaints, and gossip about the negative. The compliments are way more rare. While this has been on my mind for some time — I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my friendships, the ones best for me, and the ones that are not necessarily making me a better person (or not consistently making me feel good about me). I’m now thinking about this even more so after getting to know better a gal named Libby. If her name sounds familiar she’s the amazingly talented woman and professional photographer now contributing food posts, and who generously offered to take my outfit photos non gratis every week. Every single week. For nothing. Because she wants to help. Just because.

Her actions honestly had me taken aback.

Keep Reading —>>

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