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Just a quick update to share some progress made on my PR company’s office entry. Target had me acting like a giddy school girl when they told me a few months ago they could deliver on my wish to get the help of interior designer (and total cutie), Nate Berkus, who has a fantastic line at Target, for our front entry space. If there’s one thing I’m admittedly terrible at it’s interiors — it’s getting better thanks Pinterest and home design blogs — but I had been paralyzed to make any sort of decision. We bought the console table you see below for a coffee station, but that’s about it. Well, there was a lime green IKEA chair on the other side, and bright blue walls. I’ll show you the before and afters in the final post… brutal. You can imagine why my call with Nate — who I’ve admired since he was first on Oprah more than a decade ago — was a major moment in this girl’s book.

Here’s some of the progress made (ignore the horrific iPhone photos, fingerprints on the mirror and to-go mugs; sorry!):

office makeover \\ the average girl's guide

When I spoke to him, by the way, at an airport with the worst cell phone reception ever, I totally nerded out… and even acknowledged it to him on the phone. Maybe this is why I never hung with the cool kids?! :) Regardless, he was totally cool, and shared so much helpful advice for my space, and that every girl could use in theirs. I’ll share here in the next week or two. I can’t wait to show you the entire space, including this amazing subtle green hue Nate selected for our walls. I saw the swatch, thought blah, and OMG, it’s perfection. He’s genius. The paint is “Silver Marlin” from Benjamin Moore if you want to scope it out.

PS: Huge shout-out to my friend, Brianna, who has been a monster-huge help. She’s so good at design, and I’ve been at a major lack for time so who am I to argue when she agrees to help? We had the best time browsing Target’s aisles, selecting so many good things from Nate’s line — the new accessories are insane — as well as Target’s Threshold line. Maybe I cheated a little by enlisting help but it’s so much more fun with friends, especially talented ones! And, I love that everything in the office looks so good, great quality, yet it is so affordable. Love you, Nate x Target!

Coffee bar \\ the average girl's guide

By the way, huge apologies for how long it’s taken for me to get this preview post live. Between my personal stuff, and a few delivery delay issues, time has evaporated. Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the place! I’ve shared a few more pics on Instagram (@avggirlsguide), and will continue to do so. Stay tuned, and thanks again to Nate and Target for this amazing opportunity.

Links to everything available online:
lamp + shade
wicker basekets
hurricanes (1, second available in store)
console table
sugar container
gold dipped bowl
accent table
blue couch (Nate said to go neutral but we couldn’t resist this when we saw it. I’ve only wanted a blue couch for… three years! My husband might be saved that we won’t get one in the house)
beige pillow
gold pillow (amazing)

PS: Find Nate’s Target line here!

Disclosure: The Average Girl’s Guide is a member of Target’s Inner Circle, a small group of social influencers around the country. Target provided me a gift card to purchase some of the items you see below, but we’re still buying from Target because we’re finding exactly what we want at a really great price. True statement.


With just the right touch, a white space can be breezy, beautiful, classic and… not-at-all hospital sterile feeling. Whether it’s adding punches of color, a black on white scheme, touches of soft grey or using expansive windows to let the natural beauty around you come in, white is equally as cozy and warm as a place filled with dark woods and other richer tones.

Worried that white is not for you? As someone with lots of white in my home, including a cream leather couch I promise it’s easy to clean, and enables you to create any backdrop.  You don’t have to go as stark white as some of the image below, but use them as inspiration, pin and refer to them when creating your own open and inviting home. Remember, beige can be boring, white makes an impact.

white kitchen

white interiors

white interior


More inspiration after the jump, including two of my favorite family room pics… Keep Reading —>>


Coffee Cuff Chic

February 2, 2011

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee when it’s cold outside (or when it’s 90 degrees in Florida and I could use a little jump start!). For those dealing with the snowpocolypse, I’m giving you even more incentive to stay in doors, sit by a fireplace if you have one, and enjoy something that warms you from the inside out.

When sipping your favorite toasty one, you need to keep your hands from steaming up. While the Starbucks brown recycled coffee cuff is a certainly statement maker, so is using your own chic cuff or sleeve. Whether your sipping a cup of joe from the ‘bucks, a no-name version from who-knows-where or bringing your own, rest assured you’ll still look fashionable.  Did you realize you discard more than five pounds of garbage if you tossed one a day for a year? Eek.

Would love my cup nuzzling up to one of these every day:

Knitty Bitties, Limited offer: Stamped With Love Happy Little Coffee Coat, $9.50

Hip Grip, Reusable sleeve in Orange Squares, $13.95 (a compartment holds your coffee cash or gift card!)
Castlegate, Java Monkey - Jitterette, $15.00


5 Must Haves: for 2011

December 23, 2010

Meet Kourtney. She owns a super chic eponymous clothing boutique in West Palm Beach, Fla., which carries everything from exclusive apparel and jewelry lines of up-and-coming designers to premium denim, shoes and home decor. While I’ve gone to a few of her champagne and shopping parties (a dangerous combo!), I’ve gotten to know her — well, at least her enviable style — by following her on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. She shares her blog posts there, where I’ve come to thirst for whatever she’s showing next. An outfit perfect for a night out? Check! An inspiration room? Check! She shares it all.

Oh, and did I forget to tell you she’s a hot mama? Man, this girl is busy and looks totally awesome. She’s clearly doing something right! With the New Year, fast approaching, we asked her if she’d share her 5 must haves for 2011 and she happily obliged. I’m so digging her responses. While I anticipated her wardrobe must haves (she does own a boutique!), this smart chick dug way deeper! J’adore. Though — because we still need to know what she’s eying for 2011 — I’m totally coercing her to blog later this Spring about her fashion favs. Just wait! In the meantime, check out her blog, Kourtney Pulitzer Style. And, now…

In her words, here’s Kourtney’s 5 must haves for 2011. 

OM time!
Re-connect your mind and body. This ancient practice is ALL it is said to be and then some. Your body, mind, and soul will THANK YOU for honoring yourself in 2011.

A streamlined closet
Simplify your life by simplifying your closet. Please do yourself a favor in the new year and rid your closet of pieces that do not fit and pieces you have not worn in 2010, chances are you will not wear them this year either and they are weighing you down!

TAGG tip: check out our tips to declutter your closet. And, as a sidenote, who is seriously, crazy envious of this closet?! The shoes, the size, the chandelier, the sitting area (!)…kvelling, and fainting! 

The perfect denim
Find the perfect pair of denim that fits your current lifestyle and size. :) Do you need a new pair of skinny jeans, have you been dying for a slouchy boyfriend fit, how about a charcoal pair? Whatever your hearts desire let it be your New Year gift to yourself. You will wear them into the ground and enjoy every minute, you DESERVE it!
TAGG comment: AMEN, sista! Buy what fits. Do not squeeze yourself into the size you want to be. It will only make you look two sizes bigger than you actually are! And, that’s never flattering. Never.

A bed-side altar
4. Re-organize and style your bed-side personal space. This ritual is SO important to feeling connected to your style and true self. It is the last thing you see each evening and what you wake up to every day!!! Make this private space an altar to all things YOU.

Let your hair down and have some fun!!!!!!!!!!

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