What Mom's Really Want for Mother's Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, yeah making wish gift lists and whatnot are all fine and good, and yes, I’d take anything on my blog wish list in a heartbeat, yet there are some things a bit more enticing. What is that you might ask? When they say, invaluable or priceless, they’re talking about quality Mother’s Day gifts.

Here’s a few things topping my dream-worthy list:

1. Sleep in! Ok, I’ve done this before. My husband and I take turns and he needs less sleep than me so have to confess this is usually a mini win for me. But, sleeping in with no one yelling for me, screaming at each other, TV or radio blasting in the background, and well any noise in general. I want silence. I probably won’t sleep abundantly late however watching some trash TV in my bed perhaps with a good magazine and a breakfast treat quietly placed on the nightstand… yes, please. Major. Brownie. Points. Maybe husband can go to the park, for bagels, I’m cool with any of it. Just not in my house because you know why? #2…

2. A clean house. There’s no fun in sleeping in knowing you’ll wake up to a hot mess. You never realize how many toys you have until you let two little ones ransack the playroom for two hours. In-tense. It’s a great thing to do if you want to go on a throwing out spree, otherwise, ugghhhhhh. My Type-A runs rampant, with my heart racing in bed, knowing a tornado is attacking the rest of my digs and there is a major cleaning going on later, or arguing to get the cleaning later. Worst.

3. No arguing. This one is likely impossible. Our daughter is a master negotiator. You can’t say anything without a response. We try, desperately try but it’s impossible. What I’d do for a day of simple “yes mommy”. It makes this mom’s heart feel a bit lighter. Is this even possible with a 5-year old?

4. Meals provided & cleaned up. Imagine sitting down to a few meals you love, maybe a real meal that didn’t involve a microwave or toaster oven that tastes good. Imagine the napkin nicely folded, an opportunity to enjoy and taste whatever it is (you can bring in sushi, too, or a great bagel sandwich!). Which means, we can only enjoy it if #3 is also accomplished, and if we know #5 will happen…

5. Kitchen/People Clean. Yes, it’s so important that cleaning gets a double shout out. #1 mom request ever. Oh, and my kids. Like, does my child have food on his face or his hair? Baths please. And, we have this granite in our kitchen that in some ways is amazing because it hides crumbs pretty well, but then what happens? Only this mom cleans them up. Apparently they’re invisible to everyone else. 100 percent. I’ve tested my hypothesis and it’s clear no one else seems them. Because if it wasn’t for me, the situation in here would be like a scary reality show on TLC.

6. Treat me to that mani/pedi, and….. make sure I have time to use it. (and not in a feeling guilty way on a weekend!). Feel free to do this jointly with another husband whose wife is my bff.

7. Ok, get me a real gift. Well, I’d hate to turn down a gift someone wants to give me. ;) But, please don’t buy me anything I’d buy myself. I don’t need another tee from Gap or something from Bed, Bath & Beyond, or something I have in another color. I don’t want practical, I want fun.

8. And, I want something sentimental. Am I sounding high maintenance yet? Kids make a million art projects — so maybe frame one? Or, help our kiddies make me a super special card that this hoarder can keep for decades because I’ve justified that it brings me “joy.”

9. You to Listen to Me. Is this one more impossible than my daughter not arguing with me?! Hard to know. A mama can always dream.

10. Get a lot of love you’s and hugs and kisses. … just after I’ve slept in, noise free, and had time to myself.


So, moms… do we have the same Mother’s Day wish list? What are you dreaming about??