nate berkus for target

If you’ve been following around these parts you know my love for interior designer, Nate Berkus. My love affair started during his days fixing up the homes of unsuspecting guests on Oprah, and now, even moreso in recent years thanks to his collection at Target. Well, and you also remember this life altering moment when he helped me refresh my space entry, right? #pinchme

For the past few years, walking past his displays has been one of my guilty pleasures at Target. OMG, so good, right? By walking by, I of course mean inspecting each item to see if I could justify its purchase. Some of my favorite pieces in my home, especially the frames, are his designs. I absolutely love how he has this effortlessly chic, pulled together, modern and yet classic vibe. I know a lot of you are fans too (and also appreciate his hot factor! I mean… ) so let’s have fun day dreaming together about his spring line. The tassels, the creams, the blues and corals, the geometric shapes, it’s all just so good.

Nate Berkus for Target // Spring 2015