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September 29, 2014

Sally Hansen No Gel Polish
For our latest beauty review, I’ve been eager to get my hands, err, fingers, on the Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ polishes because I loved the idea of an at-home gel option without the lamp. At-home gel options have been huge this year as a longer-lasting alternative to typical polishes yet most have required you to buy the system (i.e. a light) to complete the process. Luckily, I finally got to try the product — and tested it during a fun girl’s night in! (GNI) — so I can share the review here on TAGG.

The GNI started with what else? Wine and cheese. Actually, we inhaled the yummy cheeses — a brie with wild mushroom, a manchego and a mild cheese with truffle oil from a just-opened Trader Joe’s — and then for cocktails, we mixed Pinnacle Vodka Whipped with bubbly pink lemonade. Dangerously good.

wine and cheese
Then it was down to business. That’s Ashley, Jennie and Jen (all whom lived on my street until recently) creating their nail masterpieces. It was fun to pick out our nail colors, and then decide if we wanted to do any special details, like an accent nail or nail art.

Application: consider this the most fool-proof gel mani ever. Apply two coats of your favorite color — I went with Redgy (330) — to clean nails. I recommend buffing, in addition to filing and pushing back cuticles, to get a better, longer-lasting and more professional looking application. I’m admittedly not great at doing my own nails however I really liked the size of the brush; it made it really easy to go on and looked smooth (no bumps or bubbles).

To complete, simply brush on the top coat to seal the deal. What we liked during the party is that how it automatically also adds this great shiny luster. If you want, play around with nail art like a few of us did: Jen added these great gold details to one of my nails, and she did this awesome crystal accent hers. Add it on over your nails, before the top coat, while wet (think of the polish as the glue), and then apply the top coat once the art is in place and can dry.

Colors: While I chose that reddish color Redgy, Jennie opted for B GIrl (240), an awesome mint blue, which we each instantly had a bit of nail envy over. It’s definitely going on next, though the shimmery metallic gold, Game of Chromes (510) is good in two ways: Ashley swiped it on all her nails and it looked so good (really pretty for day-to-day) and Adele and Jennie used it for an accent nail.While we tested these colors, I’ve had fun looking on Instagram at other colors {just use hashtag #perfectpairsweeps #miraclemani}.

Sally Hansen No Gel Polish

Ta-da! I love how our colors turned out; they look so professional, right? The sheen in the top coat really creates that in-salon look. We all also decided that GNI can be a lot more fun than GNO’s — can hear each other talk, costs less and is just way more fun. Just need to find a more effective way to keep my 4-year old nail polish-loving little girl in her room. I wound up giving her a mani the next morning.  Girls Night In: Nail Polish Party!

Review: during the party, each of us were impressed by the ease of application, the quality of the product and how good it looked after. The Miracle Gel™ polishes can last up to two weeks. In my case, it lasted nearly a week before getting chips. Personally  that’s a major victory! I usually have chips within one day of getting manicures, plus my nails had a major workout this week, too: 16 people over for a party (lots of cooking and cleaning), typing at work, plus went on a purging spree around the house. While salon gel manicures might last longer, they’re so much pricier and harder to remove. I’d definitely recommend.

Rating: B+ {worth the purchase!}

Sally Hansen No Gel Polish
PS: if you’re Instagram-addicted like me do not miss this fun promotion: Sally Hansen has a Perfect Pair Instagram sweepstakes where you can win a collection of Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™. Just snap and share your manicure, paired with your favorite outfit or accessories. Details here how to enter. 


Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ At Last! Gel without the light!

Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen® via Mode Media.
The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen®.

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  • Kimberly

    Looks like so much fun - can’t wait to try out this polish!!

  • ashleigh

    I want to have a nails party! I’m the girliest of my friends, but I be I could get my 8 year old and HER friends to do one. PG, just lemonade lol.

  • mark a.

    nice post! i love the gold dots on that one nail!

  • Kristin Clark

    I love these gel nail colors!

    Kristin of

  • Lyddiegal

    There is something just so wonderful about a fresh manni, and of course it always hard to find the time for one. Love that this polish provides a longer lasting application!
    Chic on the Cheap

  • Heidi D.

    I’ll definitely be trying this! I’ve been looking for an alternative to gel manis, and this is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

    Heidi D.

  • Rachel

    I’ve been meaning to try these- good to hear a real review!

  • TheDecorina

    I just used some for the first time last week. I do like it! I feel like I probably got an extra 2-3 days of wear from the polish, and I was surprised at how quickly it dried. Good thing for a busy mom!

  • kat at

    How was the removal? Ive steered clear of gels because I have thin nails, and heard removal can be damaging with gel color

  • Tara

    Sounds like fun, I need to try!

  • Stylishlyme

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this because I always get gel manicures and they can get pricey. I love the idea of being able to do it at home.


    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Exactly… $30-40 or multiple uses for under $15! Win. :)

  • Shira

    I’ve been curious about them. Truthfully, did you find they lasted longer than regular polish?

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Truthfully, it really lasted longer FOR ME than regular nail polish, and I’ve heard the same from other testers. I always have a chipped nail within one day and this time I didn’t. I’ll use it again. I also hear — though don’t know if it’s as effective at all — that you can also try using the top coat with polishes you own.

      • Shira

        Thanks for the info!

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