wednesday words: people you meet

February 12, 2014


I saw this on Pinterest and it’s so true… there is nothing to me more fascinating to me than meeting new people. During this time of year, calendars here are crazy because its ‘season’ so everything gets planned in this brief window. I always assume it’s like what Chicago is in the summer time! Meetings increase, there are nightly cocktail receptions, nonprofit events and grand openings, plus kids birthday parties, and a host of other obligations. When it gets crazy and on a day like Tuesday when I went from a 9 am coffee meeting to a 12 pm nonprofit committee meeting, to a 2 pm client meeting, to a 6 pm client reception, it’s the people I often enjoy most. I learned so much yesterday… and had so much fun along the way! Not every day feels so rewarding — I mean, let’s be honest, some days are just brutal and you want to crawl into bed — but Tuesday was such a great reminder about how life is all about the people we meet.

I feel fortunate that every turn, some unexpected, my life takes has connected me to more interesting, dynamic, smart, fascinating men and women. I believe really strongly that every person has a story to tell — even if it’s not immediately self-evident. While it’s not realistic to be best friends with everyone, we can only hope to take the time to learn from the people we get to meet (be it “IRL”- in real life, or virtually!) wherever our path is taking each of us.  Think about all the people you encounter today. Impressive number, right?

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  • Kimberly

    Love this post & whole-heartedly agree with you! When we first met (virtually), I had no idea what an amazing struggle you had gone through physically and I remember being so impressed with your attitude about it all - you weren’t bitter or resentful…you were grateful for what you had & living every moment to the fullest. That’s when I knew that we would become great friends :)

  • Kayla Wallace Gilbert

    LOOVEEE this! It is so true.. And I’m not sure I really understood all of this until I moved away from my ‘hometown’ and went outside of my ‘box.’ I LOVE meeting new people-you can learn SO much from what they have experienced. AND I LOVE meeting virtual friends as well-like you my sweet Alyson-you’re the best! HUGS!

  • ashleigh

    Here here! (I’ve always wanted to say that…)

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