Can you hear my stomach growling? Swear to you I’m constantly hungry. As someone who’s a Weight Watcher lifetimer I’ve always strived to find healthy foods that can keep me full without loading up on the calories. I realized I haven’t been as focused lately on what I’m eating and how much I’m moving and my body responded… I was sluggish, tired, you name it. I’m back on the healthier bandwagon, which definitely includes cooking more and finding great snacks to keep me fueled throughout the day.

Of couse, numero uno snack is always fruit or veggies, but when you want something else, try one of these. I’ve found most recently at Whole Foods, particularly these cookies (the most perfect crunchy 50 calorie after-dinner indulgence that ever was), and the Kalicious smoothie? I can’t get enough.

7 new healthy snack finds

 Skinny Pop popcorn // FancyPants Baking Co. Chocolate Chips Cookies (just 50 calories each! Found at Whole Foods) // Somersaults pacific sea salt //

Sahale Snacks Fruit and Almond // Whole Foods Kalicious smoothie (TAGG green smoothie recipe here) // Late July Chips in Sweet Potato and Sea Salt  (gluten free; perfect with guacamole!) //  Diana’s Banana Babies in Dark Chocolate

PS: Notice the chocolate and sea salt trend?? What’s your go-to snack?