I’m proud of me. I feel weird saying that because I don’t want it to come across as egotistical or something that it’s not but I realize I don’t say that enough — and I have a feeling you might be the same — and I think I should. Often times people say to me, “I don’t know how you do it all” or “wow, you own a business and a blog?!” or something to that effect. I always brush it off, genuinely happy to have the opportunity. However, I was sitting on the plane to New York last Tuesday night, without a magazine or an electronic device, just my brain and my thoughts. {Crazy to even have a true moment to myself!}

And, in that moment, I nearly cried. I was heading to New York, on my own for nearly five days, to attend Lucky Magazine’s blogger conference, and meet women I’ve emailed and tweeted with for two years and connected with in such profound ways or had inspired me yet never seen their face in real life. I was being invited places. I was making my dreams a reality. And, in that moment, I felt really PROUD. Proud of this blog and the women I’ve had the opportunity to meet, proud that I do this while running a two-year old PR company, proud that I am doing this just two years after being stopped in my tracks with a life-threatening illness, and proud of doing so while dealing with all of the bs that each of us deals with on a daily basis that get in the way. That easily give us excuses.

Do you ever have that moment where you take a step back to recognize and fully appreciate your successes? This sounds sooooo cheese, right? But, it’s so true. We get so tied up in the day, in checking Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and our email whenever we have a split second to ourselves, that we never really STOP. To think. WOW. I’m doing this.

So this nerdy Vent Sesh is telling you that I’m kind of damn proud of myself. I’m also so incredibly grateful for everything and recognize how insanely lucky I’ve been for these opportunities. I know I’ve said it before but I can never say it enough how grateful I am that you (yes, talking to you!) take the time to read The Average Girl’s Guide. It hasn’t reached as many yet as I’d like it to however this past week I had so many incredibly happy moments because of it. That’s what life is about and I feel fortunate that after years of talking about this idea for a web site, I went for it. This is all a result of a conscious effort to make a dream a reality.

Wishing you do the same (and hoping you’ll give yourself some kudos in the comments section!).

Top photo display: with the incredible Jenni of I Spy DIY || impromptu blogger meet-up on the city streets || taking a photo of me taking a photo of food || Mara Hoffman fashion show {insane!} || in the Style Coalition suite at the Empire (where I met THE Yuli Ziv… and TOTALLY nerded out!) || Fashion Night Out with my NYC roomies, Tiffany and Kimberly || with Grace of Stripes & Sequins, among my very first blog friends, who I finally met two years later.

Bottom photo display: Lauren Conrad at the Lucky Magazine blogger conference || with Dianna of The Budget Babe, one of my absolute fav bloggers who I totally admire || NYC view from my room at the Affinia || with Megan of TFDiaries || with Lucky Magazine’s editor, Brandon Holley, and a wonderful editor || even more obsessed with Rachel Zoe after hearing her (important reminder: always be nice!} || Woah, four redheaded bloggers in one photo (adore these  ladies: Alicia, Samantha and Mackenzie) || with Mara Hoffman, I die! I feel awful her eyes are closed but I’m over-the-top-nerdy-girl-excited not to share. Truth.