Bold Wall Colors

July 17, 2012

As I mentioned in the post about mirrored furniture, I’m in a new home and on the constant prowl for interior design inspiration. Pinterest has clearly been a heaven-sent for anyone wanting to catalogue their favorites and then look through them to start seeing trends. My trends? Modern, bold, color, cozy, chic and filled with pattern. Honestly, it sounds like most of my wardrobe these days!

When it comes to wall color, it’s either a clean white wall — the perfect canvas for a bold room — or ones with rich colors for me these days. I’m passing on the wimpy, ‘are you there?’ shades and embracing walls like these. It looks overwhelming in the can (and even at first one the walls), I know, but live with it for a while before any final decisions and you’ll be so glad you did. Perk? It’s one of the most affordable updates you can make to a room!

{light green || blue ||grey ||lime green || bright pink ||zig zag + purple || orange || yellow + black || red }

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  • Tara

    If you want to do something bold, I say go for it!  We have some bold colors going on in our house, and it makes me so happy!

    • Alyson — TAGG

      Totally agree! For some reason I cannot picture you with white walls. :) My office is dark grey and I’m thinking of painting my daughter’s a bright purple; it’s currently more subtle with one deep wall. Fun to play around with!

  • RealGirlGlam

    I am all about bold colors in the home. Your picks are so good!

    • Alyson — TAGG

      Thanks so much! Loving it, too.

  • Margaret M.

    I LOVE using bold colors on walls.  When I moved into my new home, I used a dark chocolate on one wall in my bedroom and two different shades of grey in my office.  I love it!

    A site where I get a ton of decorating inspiration is HGTV’s designer portfolio.  Tons of great stuff there!

    • Alyson — TAGG

      Wow, sounds so pretty. i’m a HUGE grey fan. :) Need to check out HGTV design portfolio… thanks for the tip!

  • Kirstin Marie

    This makes me want to paint SO BAD. I need to get on that!!

    • Alyson — TAGG

      You totally do! :)

  • Amyshaughnessy

    I wish I was brave enough to try one of these. Like the yellow striped ceiling. It looks incredible!


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    • Alyson — TAGG

      Isn’t that amazing?! My favorite! I am definitely in need of some striped walls. Worse case you repaint a few months later. I vote you go for it!

  • SatinAndSalt

    Lately Ive been obsessed with furnishing and decorating my space. I wish I could paint the walls, I dig that tangerine color in one of the rooms!


  • Allyson Fulcher

    The first and the last photos are my favorite. I love this decorating trend!

  • gothic lolita dresses

    The second and the last one are my favorites!Love the adorable colores!

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