Shred Update

February 11, 2012

For those participating you know we’re nearly half way through our TAGG 30-day Shred video workout program with the she-don’t-mess-around Jillian Michaels. Want to start now?? DO IT! Get Shred here for less than $9.

Here’s a pic of me on day one (pardon the awful lighting/shadow/flash; we Shred at 9 pm so that’s when this photo was taken! Dreadful photog form, I know).

I started on day two since I was still crazy sick on Feb. 1 and I took off one night three days ago, so exhausted I couldn’t move. The other days I’ve been tired but pushed through, getting motivation from my husband who is Shredding with me! How have you pushed through with this workout or another one you’re managing on your own? I know having to report to you ladies keeps me on track.

 And, of course, a few random thoughts about the Shred:

  • I kind of like the hip circles that Jillian feels awkward doing. Not weird, right?
  • My muscles are totally feeling — and looking — stronger. I can see the difference in my abs and quads.
  • I could probably push it out a bit harder during cardio.
  • Starting with mini two lb. weights was a good decision, though I’m ready to amp it up.
  • If Jillian Michael’s says “Ok, Hit it,” one more time….
  • Goal is to do 10 regular push ups (I still do the girly, knees-on-the-ground, ones.)
  • Be aware of your abs and muscles all day long. Give a squeeze whenever you can or tuck in/hold in your ab muscles so they don’t start to pooch out. It makes a huge difference… whether you’re working out or not.

 For those of you who promised me you were starting the workout (ahem, Leanna, Kimberly, Trish, Jennifer, Alicia, Nicole, Lia, Emily, Ann, Rebecca, Karli, Carrie, Suzell and Jennifer, just to name a few), I want to hear from you here in the comments or you can always shoot me an email. Totally proud of us!

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  • Penny Pincher Fashion

    Haha - remember I said I couldn’t do Shred and was going to do something else? Oops….not so much. That’s what happens when you get sick, then your son gets REALLY sick & has to go to the hospital…and your husband goes to Vegas for a week. :( The good news is I have been working out, just not every day. I’m hoping to get back to a more regular schedule now that life is normal again! Also, as a side note, I would kill for hips as narrow as yours :)

    • Alyson

      Ha, totally remember that however another Kimberly on Facebook mentioned she was game (well a more silent Kimberly, but I promise there was one!) :) So sorry to hear how everyone has been sick… or off to Vegas. Awful. As for my hips: definitely not narrow. You are half my size. My seamstress must be very forgiving with the measuring tape. :)

  • Ann

    Yes, I am feeling the effects of the workout. I had to skip a few days due to illness and will be back on track in the morning. Also, trying to walk on the treadmill for at least a half-hour as well (I have lots of weight to lose).

    So happy to be doing the challenge with you and the other ladies…keeps us all accountable :)


  • teresa @ delightfully darling

    You look amazing!

  • {be merry} kate

    Go you! Good luck with everything - can’t wait to see your progress! I cannot sign on to Shred at the moment (tax season kind of takes over my life) but I have heard only good things!


  • Bre

    Although I am not doing the Shred challenge I am SO excited and proud of you that you are sticking with it! It’s a huge help when you have a partner in crime to work out with you.
    I try to get in a good work out two to three times a week and almost always I have to push myself to do it but I feel great mentally and physically when I’m done.
    Good luck, your almost there!

  • TheGirlAtFirstAvenue

    Nice post! Good luck with the workout! :)

  • Karli

    Definitely feeling it, and I definitely agree that the two pounds were a good idea, because I did the same thing. I’m glad it’s shorter than most workouts because it makes it a lot more difficult to make an excuse not to do it because of time restraints.

  • Trish

    I too am feeling it and glad it only lasts for 20 minutes. It does seem to go by so fast, though. Yesterday and today I have not been able to shred as I have a sinus infection and the jumping feels like a gun going off in my head. I have still been able to do my 5AM walk and my 30 minute step routine each day, so I don’t feel like a total slacker. You look totally amazing, by the way and I’m glad your hubby is doing it too. What a great team!

  • Fashion By Alicia

    Congrats girl! The shred is going well I took a few days off because I upped my weights from two to three and my shoulders were killing me. I plan on getting back in the groove soon and I have decided to do it longer than 30 days.

  • Brit

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to hear about your progress.

  • Mandy @ in the fashion lane

    Look at all the support! Sounds like you all are off to a great start! Working out consistently is tough. You look great! Is your top Lulu?? I need looser tanks for working out…any suggestions?

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