Sequins Make Me Smile

October 4, 2011

I can’t believe it: I bought something today, not on sale, and on kind-of-a-whim… just because. Because I needed a pick-me-up. While I have bought on a whim, I rarely do so for full price. However, after being down lately (more on that probably in a few weeks), I realized that I can only eat so many Sour Patch Kids and needed to take more drastic action.

Enter: this sequin clutch!

MY CLUTCH is on the homepage of Zara’s web site! I didn’t realize that when I bought it — I got it after seeing those in the blog-o-sphere style it, realizing my local store only had one (total sign), and then some final loving, slight Twitter coercion from Grace . But yeah, my clutch is on the homepage and is totally stunning… I’m feeling pretty cool right now. So much so that I want to walk around my room holding it and then of course, share iwth you (PS: hope you know that Zara now has an e-commerce site? Dangerous and awesome all rolled into one).

Awesome sequin clutch also comes in black. This much sequin and sparkle can make anyone’s day!

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  • grace - stripes & sequins

    YAY! You deserve it…. it’s fabulous!!

    • admin

      TOTALLY fabulous.

  • Kirstin Marie

    Woah amazing sequinness!!! I love it!!!

  • Sara @ Gameday Stylist

    Love this! I’ve been on the search for a new clutch and this might be it :) Especially after seeing you and Grace rave about it!

  • Susan
  • megan, the frugalista diaries

    love love, jealous!

  • Mandy @ in the fashion lane

    SO worth it. I totally understand being down lately!! Hope all is well!

    The clutch is TOO. DIE. FOR!

  • Fashion By Alicia

    You definitely deserve it! The clutch is GORGEOUS!

  • My Dressy Ways

    Love it! And good for you for buying something you wanted and not looking back. :)

    • admin

      Thanks so much!! That’s exactly how I feel, too. :)

  • Kristin

    That bad boy has really been making the rounds! It’s gorg!

  • Shanice

    If someone were to have told me a few years ago that sequins would come back in style, I would not have believed them. But this is one trend I really like. In fact, I just wore a sequined shirt under a blue blazer yesterday! I love your clutch, especially since it’s gold.

    I can totally relate to your first sentence in this post. I find myself rationalizing my random purchases too. HAHA Every girl needs those pick-me-ups!

    • admin

      haha for real re: the sequins! Can’t believe it but I totally love them. A skirt is next on my list, and yes… we all need a pick-me-up once in a while! xo. Great to connect with you.

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    Yes, this is so worth it! Glad that BRavoe Runway and I gave you the extra push!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  • Jamie

    OMG I LOVE the clutch. You look fabulous with it! Now I want one!!!


  • Mel

    WAAA! The clutch is no longer on the site (save for the homepage photo). Ho-hum. That said, I’ve really wanted a sequin skirt for quite some time, and I think I might make THAT shopping plunge. :) FASHION IS FUN!

    • admin

      Haha, yes, I’ve wanted a sequin skirt, too! That said, it’s a little more challenging to find an affordable option that’s not two inches long. Loving the J Crew ones (just not sure I want to spend around $100). So sad about the clutch not being available anymore. :(

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