Imagine it: I headed to Houston last weekend for my cousin’s wedding (who ps, looked beyond stunning the ENTIRE weekend!) without even having a chance to get a mani/pedi. It was bad. I mean, embarrassing bad. Time just got away from me. So, Saturday morning I gave myself the best mani/pedi I could do, putting Zoya’s  Shay on my hands and Essie’s bright pink Secret Story on my toes (initially bought for my little girl’s toes, we now match!).

I had asked my husband Friday morning just to pick up a clear top coat for me because I couldn’t mine. So what did he buy?

Sally Hansen’s Insta Dri in Clearly Quick. So, OK, is this really a top coat? Not really, but man did it dry my nails in like a second… with a little glossy look to boot! Holy cazam! haha. I’ve never been able to move about so quickly after getting my nails done without smudging the whole thing.

After discovering this new major love ($3ish), I realized that Sally’s had this line out for a little bit and it comes in tons of lovely colors.

cinnamon / magenta motion / co-balt / clearly quick / mauve

Have you tried these polishes? I’m eager to scoop up some of the bright colors to see how they live up to the clear quick dry that gave me awesome drying time. Nice work, Sally!