I’ve been discussing with someone lately the challenges of balancing it all.
Is it even possible and what, if anything, should be sacrificed?
Work. Husband. Family. Friends. House. Life. Baby. 
These are not just words. They’re my world (and many of yours, too, right?).
I’m participating again in Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out blog crawl (my past discussions: weight, loneliness)because this is something that’s been weighing on me and I have a feeling many of you.

That’s what The Average Girl’s Guide is; yet, it’s fashion and food and fun and all that, but it’s also this real deal stuff no one likes to address but everyone thinks.
That’s what this blog is here for…. to get the dialogue going.
We’ll all the same at the end of the day. Never forget that.

Fact: a totally awesome girlfriend (who seems to have it all!) said that she’s frequently discussing the challenges of balancing it all with her gal pals. And, for those debating a baby… can it work? Can I still have my life?

Wheh, that’s a lot to answer.
You’re talking to a girl who in the past two years has had a baby, a life-altering illness, lost/left her job, started a new PR company AND started a blog, all while dealing with a million other random things. Oh, and with my husband still loving me at the end of it!
I wonder sometimes…
Am I doing the right thing?
Working on a blog post at night instead of spending time with my husband?
Sending my daughter to “school” (ie daycare) while building a career?
Taking good enough care of myself and staying healthy?
Caring for my family, many of whom have had more health issues than I’d like to count?
My answer?
Yes… Usually. Always? Doubtful. But… that’s OK, I think.
I wish I had more time for it all, and I wish I could procrastinate a little less (damn you lure of Twitter and Facebook), but I couldn’t imagine giving up this blog,
the friendships its afforded me and the creative outlet its provided when I needed it most.
I couldn’t give up my career, and the desire to build a business.
I am confident that when my daughter is old enough to know, she will be so proud of her mommy.

So for those of you debating a baby?
Ask any mom: you make the time and you don’t even realize it.
Except for daily the moments when I really wish she’d stop crying for a few minutes in the morning so I could sleep longer, I can’t remember what I did with the moments of the day that didn’t include her.

But what about my family and friends. Could I spend more time with them?
Yes. Especially fam. While I still want more time to spend with friends I realize my grandparents won’t be with us forever. I’m so, so fortunate that I still have all four and that they live close. I need to visit more.
I need to travel more to see my mom (even though I just wish she’d move close already)!
I need to try to take better care of my dad, even if he frustrates me to no end.

Oh and me?
Yeah, I need to focus on me, on making the doctor appointments I need to (ya I look pretty “average” but this gal has a few pretty sucky issues you can’t see in pics; more on another day), getting the sleep I need, exercising and most importantly, spending quality time with my husband and daughter whenever possible.

So while I don’t do this perfectly. I’m trying. And, that’s all you can do, too.
Do you feel overwhelmed with everything sometimes like me? I wonder how I can be superwoman.
I realize it does take a village and you cannot be too afraid to ask (or pay!) for help.
I have someone clean our house (usually every two weeks, sometimes more. best. investment. ever.), we hire babysitters so we can go out just the two of us or with couples and have her come early so we can get ready in peace. I’m hiring a full-time associate for my business (woohoo, HUGE step). And…

I’m taking a blog-cation.
Consider this your last post for about a week. (I’ll miss you!!!) Will tell you what I’m up to when I return, except to say that not blogging (and trying to stay away from social media when possible) to give me more time to do all the things I haven’t been doing.
Maybe I’ll even read a book (I recently bought two — The Help and Tina Fey’s Bossypants).
Picture me like this….

Wishing you SUPER-WOMEN a sparkly Fourth of July.