Ahh, summer reading! I should be reading more books, yet I find myself mindlessly gazing at the pages of People, Star, Life & Style or some rag. I absolutely adore seeing what celebs wear and the latest trends, but these magazines can get cruel, too. Pointing out cellulite, the is it a “baby bump/big meal/gaining weight” insanity and glamorizing crumbling marriages to sell more mags. Boo!

Let’s take a minute to remember that these are real women.

Yes, they’re making gazillions of bucks (must be nice) but many are not crazy pap-seekers.
They’re just trying to live their life under a microscope that I’m not sure I’d like to be under.

Think about the same with friends and female acquaintances, and all the little conversations and gossip that takes place about them. Drop it, unless it’s a compliment. Just take them for what they are…
another gal just trying living her life, trying to be the best version of her.

Here are a few classy celebs whose smile makes me smile!
Happy Friday, friends!

 and, of course….