How to: Wear a Fedora

April 26, 2011

I know, I know, the fedora seems like it should be reserved for the likes of Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Ritchie, but it really is a wearable look for pretty much anyone!
While I’m not typically a hat gal (I swear I have an abnormally large head brain), I love the fedora because  it’s doesn’t feel like I’m attacking people with it as I walk by (haha yes, picture it).
Don’t get me wrong — floppies rock and I will be showing you some great, affordable options soon enough — however, a fedora is a great alternative for the ever day.
Plus, certainly anyone sitting behind you in a movie theatre or concert will appreciate!
If you’re not sure it’s for you, test it out with one under $25 so you’re not breaking the bank if it doesn’t get a lot of use. Here’s a few I’m digging (and you can probably do even better during a sale!):
New York & Co., Ribbon Fedora, $16.95
Aldo, Phylicia, $20
Kohl’s, Vintage Stone Straw Fedora, $16.80 (reg. $24)
OK, and now, some critical fedora-wearing advice:
  • Make sure it fits your head properly.
  • Go with one designed for a female or male, whichever gives the best fit (even kiddies!).
  • You want to pull it further down on your head; you don’t want it to look too high above your head.
  • Also look for styles with a prominent crease.
  • Wear with a basic top, or try a floral pattern for spring.
  • And, most of all, have fun with it! It’s a hat, after all.
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  • Ying

    Awwww, now I heart you even more! I have a big head and love hats but I always have a hard time pulling it off. I have an even HARDER time with sunglasses because my face is wide to. Haha. So while I love sunglasses, I hate the online sales because I HAVE to, HAVE to try on sunglasses to make sure they fit my big face. Same with hats. :)

    I love the pick from Kohls. Hmmm, might have to make a trip. I've had it on my mind lately.

  • Tara @ Haute Lunch

    Thanks for putting this together! I've been told I look good in hats, but never feel like I do. I need to build up more "hat confidence!" I love fedoras, and this just reminds me that I still need to get one! :) Thanks for the affordable options!

  • Lindsey

    Great post! I recently purchased my first fedora from Forever 21. I don't recall the price but it was $10-15. I haven't worn it yet but am very much looking forward to!


  • Jacqueline

    i love fedora's… {although i feel like i have an abnormally large head as well} i definitely need to find a couple more cute ones!

    great post today!

    have a fab day doll!

  • Shruti

    Youmade me think about Fedoras. Looks like I might get one soon.. Great post!

  • Alyson

    Ying & Jacqueline: yay for our big heads, err brains. :) You can definitely work a fedora. At least worth trying!

    Tara: totally agree re: hat confidence. I started this past year and am really digging it. Plus great for putting hair back!

    Lindsey: thanks so much for commenting. Nice work scoring a fedora at F21; test out the trend!

  • Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking

    I have a huge head. Tried one on at Old Navy in a L/XL and it look ridiculous! Maybe I should try a men's one… hmmm..

  • judi

    morning Alyson! I'll be looking forward to the floppy hat edition :) Definitely NOT buying the crazy expensive one… knowing my luck I'd lose it!

  • Lindsay Cohen

    Bought my new fedora in New Orleans for $35. It was the first that fit my abnormally-large head, and it's fab. It looks a lot like the one you featured from Kohl's. Looks great with a summer dress. I'm a little obsessed!

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