Coffee Cuff Chic

February 2, 2011

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee when it’s cold outside (or when it’s 90 degrees in Florida and I could use a little jump start!). For those dealing with the snowpocolypse, I’m giving you even more incentive to stay in doors, sit by a fireplace if you have one, and enjoy something that warms you from the inside out.

When sipping your favorite toasty one, you need to keep your hands from steaming up. While the Starbucks brown recycled coffee cuff is a certainly statement maker, so is using your own chic cuff or sleeve. Whether your sipping a cup of joe from the ‘bucks, a no-name version from who-knows-where or bringing your own, rest assured you’ll still look fashionable.  Did you realize you discard more than five pounds of garbage if you tossed one a day for a year? Eek.

Would love my cup nuzzling up to one of these every day:

Knitty Bitties, Limited offer: Stamped With Love Happy Little Coffee Coat, $9.50

Hip Grip, Reusable sleeve in Orange Squares, $13.95 (a compartment holds your coffee cash or gift card!)
Castlegate, Java Monkey - Jitterette, $15.00

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  • Katie @

    Alyson, I actually found you through your Facebook page. So cool to say that! I really like the little bits you're writing. I think you might loooove these:

    I'm appologizing for leaving a comment not an email - I couldn't find it here, and I was just too excited to write. That's me. Too excited to be patient every so often.

    Looking forward to catching you via twitter, too.

  • Sandy a la Mode

    these are some great finds!! oh sweet joy has some cute ones too!! :)

  • Jules

    These are super cute! I especially like the first one. My husband got me one last Xmas from Pink Gasoline. It's monogrammed and I love it. Makes my cup of Starbucks so much cuter!

  • loveandpeaceF

    aww, these adorable, I LOVE coffee, so I seriously want all of these! :)


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