5 Must Haves: for 2011

December 23, 2010

Meet Kourtney. She owns a super chic eponymous clothing boutique in West Palm Beach, Fla., which carries everything from exclusive apparel and jewelry lines of up-and-coming designers to premium denim, shoes and home decor. While I’ve gone to a few of her champagne and shopping parties (a dangerous combo!), I’ve gotten to know her — well, at least her enviable style — by following her on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. She shares her blog posts there, where I’ve come to thirst for whatever she’s showing next. An outfit perfect for a night out? Check! An inspiration room? Check! She shares it all.

Oh, and did I forget to tell you she’s a hot mama? Man, this girl is busy and looks totally awesome. She’s clearly doing something right! With the New Year, fast approaching, we asked her if she’d share her 5 must haves for 2011 and she happily obliged. I’m so digging her responses. While I anticipated her wardrobe must haves (she does own a boutique!), this smart chick dug way deeper! J’adore. Though — because we still need to know what she’s eying for 2011 — I’m totally coercing her to blog later this Spring about her fashion favs. Just wait! In the meantime, check out her blog, Kourtney Pulitzer Style. And, now…

In her words, here’s Kourtney’s 5 must haves for 2011. 

OM time!
Re-connect your mind and body. This ancient practice is ALL it is said to be and then some. Your body, mind, and soul will THANK YOU for honoring yourself in 2011.

A streamlined closet
Simplify your life by simplifying your closet. Please do yourself a favor in the new year and rid your closet of pieces that do not fit and pieces you have not worn in 2010, chances are you will not wear them this year either and they are weighing you down!

TAGG tip: check out our tips to declutter your closet. And, as a sidenote, who is seriously, crazy envious of this closet?! The shoes, the size, the chandelier, the sitting area (!)…kvelling, and fainting! 

The perfect denim
Find the perfect pair of denim that fits your current lifestyle and size. :) Do you need a new pair of skinny jeans, have you been dying for a slouchy boyfriend fit, how about a charcoal pair? Whatever your hearts desire let it be your New Year gift to yourself. You will wear them into the ground and enjoy every minute, you DESERVE it!
TAGG comment: AMEN, sista! Buy what fits. Do not squeeze yourself into the size you want to be. It will only make you look two sizes bigger than you actually are! And, that’s never flattering. Never.

A bed-side altar
4. Re-organize and style your bed-side personal space. This ritual is SO important to feeling connected to your style and true self. It is the last thing you see each evening and what you wake up to every day!!! Make this private space an altar to all things YOU.

Let your hair down and have some fun!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Risa

    Thanks for keeping me company on our drive down to south fl. just caught up on your blog. So much fun stuff!!! <3 risa

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