So before I tell you my thoughts on Rita’s, I have to admit I’m already partial to it for a very, very sound reason: My gram’s name is Rita! (Told you I had a good reason).

Rita’s is a fast-expanding water ice and custard shop with more than 550 locations in 18 states. While I’ve had it once before (two very fab friends dropped off a few cartons when our daughter was born), I took the opportunity to taste it again this weekend when a new location at CityPlace in West Palm Beach, Fla. was offering free cups. Cha-ching! My hubs and I sampled four flavors, though the shop offers daily about 20 of its more than 40 options. While the creamy smores flavor was too sweet — we hear it’s usually better — the mint chocolate chip was dee-lish, and complete with mini chips. Alex’s Lemonade was perfectly tart, while the Sweedish fish flavor (which comes with Sweedish fish!) tastes just like those gummy treats. Your Average Girl also took a spoonful of her friend’s custard concoction (for blog research, right?), which adds a rich creaminess to the light ice.

TAG says this is a perfect treat for a warm summer’s day, and more affordable than many ice cream and sweets shops. Just don’t get fooled into thinking this cool treat is a guilt-free option; while the water and cream ices have either no or little fat, the calories add up with all that sugar. Be sure to sample some of the shop’s sugar free ices and fat free custard.

What’s your favorite Rita’s treat?