couple, tippy toes

All day long I make decisions. Some mundane, and others really important. For myself, for clients, for staff and for my family. I somehow get through them, often feeling confident in my decisions. I’ve also learned as a blogger to have a certain level of confidence in my decisions since it’s just me sitting on the other side of the screen. Yet, I’ve noticed that when my husband is around I can become paralyzed by indecisiveness.

What should we have for dinner?  {ok, fair enough}

Should we give Sarah water or juice? {really?!}

I’m going to order those diapers, OK? {do we really have a choice here?}

Can I take $20 out of the bank? {why even ask?}

I mean the list of absurdities goes on. I really need to write them down. Why do I go from boss at work to somehow inept decision maker at home? Perhaps after making decision after decision all day long, my brain needs a break? Not to call him out, but he also asks me some pretty silly questions. Maybe it’s not just me. We’ve been married for nearly 10 years; enough time to mostly know what the other person will answer with and yet also enough time that you want to make sure you’re on the same page.

As if I thought I was the only one feeling like I needed my guy’s opinion, last night the guy at the car dealership (needed four new tires… awesome), asked me if I wanted an alignment. I said yes. He said, “Do you need to call your husband first to ask?!” Not. even. joking. I flatly said, thanks but I’m able to make this decision on my own. Don’t need to call my husband for approval.

You can tell he felt so freaking foolish. Hopefully lesson learned.  I’ll give him the small pass that my husband initially called since I was driving at the time, but still? I just negotiated a major deal on four tires with him and now I’m going to stop to call my husband for approval on the alignment with a way smaller price tag? Killing me, sir.

It’s a slight tangent as on one hand I’m talking about my inability to make some decisions yet somehow another man seemingly didn’t think I was capable of making a big decision, particularly a financial one, on my own. Somehow they oddly came full circle for me. I was reminded I don’t need to call him for everything. I only need assistance if my daughter gets the string cheese or circle cheese… or gasp, both.

What am I doing here? Wasting time, wasting breath and effort, and potentially risking getting an answer I might not even want. Just like my weight back in the day when I was on Weight Watchers and had to write down every “BLT” {bite, lick and taste!}, I’m going to be way more conscious of how I’m minimizing myself and my ability to make a decision.

For the record, my girl is getting water. Why did I even ask (him or her?)?