10 tips for effective social networking

When it comes to social media these days, nearly all of us are utilizing it one way or the other. Yes, I have a few friends who have held out from Facebook all these years, but if you’re in the trenches why not maximize your efforts? Yeah, my day job is in PR so it’s more top-of-mind to me, but nearly all of us — working or full-time moms — can benefit from a little social media savvy. You shouldn’t beef up your social only when you’re looking for a new job; there’s always value in showcasing to the world the best version of yourself. Don’t think about it as sales and job hunting, think about it as relationship building and you’ll be pleasantly surprised over the long term how much value it adds.

Tips for Social Media Success


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    March 18, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    Sage advice! I love when bloggers comment back and engage me. I will come back when there’s a rapport vs. I just like the way they style their outfits!

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