yogaI can’t believe it’s been a year since we hosted Feel Fit February, a month dedicated to feeling good, working out, and eating healthy, all while taking a break from the scale. I’m proud that the 28-day hiatus helped minimize my impromptu weigh-ins for nearly all of 2013. I really focused on using my clothes as a guideline if I had been splurging too much, or working out too little. I’m a bit back to old ways so I’m writing this post to keep me accountable, and hopefully encourage a few others along the way.

I nearly declared on Facebook a personal miracle earlier this week when I got to the gym three times in four days. It’s a total victory around here when I get to the gym on Saturday and Sunday, instead of just one weekend day so going last night after work — despite it being a totally inconvenient time — was such a good feeling. Taking that time for me when everything else I do is typically for someone — clients, family, friends, you name it — that it’s nice to zone out, get my heart rate up and feel healthier about my body.

The one stinky part recently was that on Sunday for some unknown reason I got on the scale. It had hit my unacceptable number.

I felt totally deflated, all because of a number. I say unacceptable number because as a Weight Watcher lifetimer (who was actually 10-15 lbs less at my lowest; too skinny), I give myself a comfortable range but getting to where I was is major warning that I need to be more aware of my portions (my issue), what I’m eating, and how often I’m moving. That number is typically when the clothes are tight anyway. With it coincidentally being the start of February, when I avoided the scale last year, I’m leaning toward doing the same this year. Numbers don’t define us, and it’s awful when we let it take hold.

My three times at the gym feels like the start of a great habit forming and that’s what I’m so pumped and focused on! I’m craving it. I have a great new friend who has been going more frequently, and she’s been totally fun motivation. As much as I like working out alone, using it to multi-task and catch up with friends, is a total win… and makes the time go faster.

Being honest, I’ve been in a workout lull for years. I used to love to go running outside. It’s easy, fast and pretty. Since getting my neuro diagnosis a few years ago, I’ve had some limitations that have made this really challenging. And due to babies, and work and everything else, I just never committed to finding something else that makes me as happy. I tried ballet barre last year and loved it, but I wasn’t into the class times… and the expense. I did the Jillian Michaels Shred videos in my house around 9 pm. Now I just want to pass out when it hits that time.

This year, I’m really interested in getting into yoga. Truth is that I’m awful at relaxing, at taking time to properly stretch, and I’ve realized, even taking deep breaths. Crazy right? I think everything yoga offers would be amazing for me. I can even take free classes at our area community center where we’re a member so I kind of have no excuse, well except time, which while an excuse does feel totally legit. It’s probably going to be a while where I can make it consistently to the gym or a class 3-4 times per week, but I’ll be happy with 2-3 until I have time for more. And, I’m committed to trying yoga to see if it’s for me.

Do you have a workout or class that you’re totally into?  What keeps you motivated? And, I know people who never hit the gym. Is that you? Think there’s anything that would motivate you? Spill! I’d love to hear.