I know it’s not “back to school,” but doesn’t it feel like it? After an extended holiday season, and even after a fairly slow last week, I’m officially back in the saddle with an intense few weeks on the horizon. Meetings, luncheons, networking events, all of it. While I’m not really a traditional planner gal anymore (it’s all organized on Outlook and sync’ed to my phone), I’m often smitten by cool office supplies that make my desk — and me! — oh so happy. I mean, these push pins and paper clips? Obsessed. And, I already own this pencil holder, ruler and tape dispenser. Do you have any favorite office supplies? Comment below to share!

Chic Office Supplies for 2014

  coffee mug //kate spade “your pad or mine” // bow paper clips // push pins

 confetti mousepad // file folders // pencils //aqua planner

ruler //pencil holder // acrylic stapler // lucite tape dispenser // scissors