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January 9, 2014

In the new year, I resolve to take better care of my skin. I’m not getting any younger, and those little clean wipes, while they’re great for a late night or insane exhaustion, really don’t clean my face the way I know it deserves. I’m seeing little lines, a ruddy complexion and other factors that could benefit from an extra fresh face and really clean pores. So, after some research and a recent Facebook poll (more than 50 of you weighed in; thanks!!), here are TAGG’s top picks for the best facial cleansers.

Best Face Washes 2014

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Gel // Murad Clarifying Cleanser // Cetaphil // Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Philosophy Purity // Clinique Liquid Facial Soap // Neutrogena Oil-Free Wash in Pink Grapefruit

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  • Kimberly

    Love that we both had beauty on the brain today – that Cetaphil cleanser is the best!

  • Melanie R

    I use both Cetaphil & Murad. Great products! :)

  • Lyddiegal

    the older i get, the more my acne is taking a toll on my face. pimples leaving scars and getting more pimples on top, I feel like my face needs a lot more TLC than I’m giving it, since all I do is attack it with more products that dry it out.

  • ashleigh

    I always hear good things about Cetaphil. It’s only like $6.99 I’m gonna try it!

  • KalleyC @BloggingWhileNursing

    Nice products! Use the body shop tea tree and ponds dry skin moisture cream. Age and horones really does take a number on my skin as well. Not to mention eating the wrong things.

    KalleyC from Blogging While Nursing

  • Alice @ What I Really Wear

    All this talk about Cetaphil, yet I have never tried it. I have oily skin so maybe this is a good option!


    I found my holy grail – Skin TX for Acne!!!!

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