February 3, 2013

Deviating from “regular programming” to advise you that my photo was ripped off from this post and was being used on a Twitter profile by someone spewing awful anti-American remarks as it relates to the tragedy of Chris Kyle this weekend. I am a woman, a mother, and most of all, a very proud American. I would never, ever say anything hateful. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that. I have alerted authorities and luckily, the page has now been suspended. The absolutely only connection is a photo; how easy it to rip off a photo these days? 

What’s scary — and why I’m bringing further attention to it for one moment in order to reply — is that it’s going too far. I’m getting hateful messages to my personal email, and to clients of mine. I can understand wanting to blame someone but just because there’s a photo doesn’t mean you have a match. Sadly, anyone can create a Twitter account with a photo of you ripped from the Internet, talk crap and then let you take the fall. Scary, especially when it starts hitting closer to home.

This is all I have, and will say, about this. Thank you to TAGG’s supporters, and look for Monday’s regular outfit post shortly.

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  • Abby

    I’m sorry these people contacting you are so dumb. This is what our media and current educational system has created. This is such an obvious instance of hacking, and people are so thrilled to have an opportunity to accuse someone of being ethnically and racially biased. People literally get off on this type of thing now, and their total lack of critical thinking skills frightens the crap out of me.

    • Clarence Conner

      Speaking of critical thinking skills, please note how the official explanation has changed from “my Twitter account was hacked and a photo was borrowed” to “a Twitter account borrowed my picture.”

  • ashleigh

    No way! That’s terrible. Lucky you found it so early!

    There’s a lot of negativity in the comments below. All I have to say is even I know who Chris Kyle is. It was all over yahoo news. Surely you haters have seen Yahoo news? It’s right on their front page. How obtuse do you have to be to think that Alyson here at TAGG compromised her business by saying hurtful, inflammatory things? If you actually read this blog, you know that Alyson is a savvy business woman as well as a fashionista. I doubt she would sabotage herself, her blog, and her business by saying any of that crap.

    Hope it all works out and things look better tomorrow Alyson!

  • Hallie Wilson

    Aly, keep your head up. Those who read and love your blog know that you’d never lash out with hurtful sentiments and in such a negative manner. x

  • Shannon Burke

    What a Bummer! This just goes to show that sometimes people suck. I would have never thought that stuff would come from you. So your real readers know you – brush off the meanies.

  • NRAmemberSC

    So someone has had this twitter account, using your picture, for well over a year? Because anti-gun hysterical tweets have posted at a furious pace from this account for quite a while now.


    N.Y. lawmakers poised to pass tough gun law via @USATODAY MARIO CUOMO IS THE HERO OF THE DAY!!!

    20 days ago

    518 more”

    • Rachelle

      ..and why is that so hard to believe? Welcome to the internet.

  • Michelle Levine

    Oh no! Sorry you are dealing with this. Really scary! I hope everyone writing you will realize the mix up asap!

  • Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen

    Oh A, I am so sorry you are getting such attacks, and so sorry that there are such dumbasses that think your reply is BS. I work in social media and have been blogging for seven years and such jerks out there specifically choose certain sizes of blogs and sites to attack – enough to get traffic, but not enough to get press. This royally sucks, I am glad Twitter suspended the account, and wish you strength through this.

    Final comment to the Orions of the world – stop and THINK, WHY would Alyson create a second account and associate her face with it, and not use her own account? And yeah, think Alyson would know how to spell and use proper grammar in her tweets. Get a life.

  • Rachelle

    Wow. You should be a detective.

    Someone could ABSOLUTELY randomly find this blog, and her photo.
    Someone could have absolutely just “come across it”. OR, someone could have a personal issue with this girl and have done it to harass her. There are a ton of senarios that you are too dense to wrap your head around apparently.
    Chris Kyle IS a household name, do you live in a shoewbox? He’s an author and had a TV show for christsake, do you think some “random 33 year old woman” whose job is in digital media isn’t capable of keeping up with news? I’ma “random 36 year old woman” with no ties to the military and I knew who he was.
    THE STORY IS FRONT PAGE NEWS. Everyone knows who he is now, if they didn’t before. You are ignorant and a victim of mob mentality, please leave this girl alone unless you have actual proof and not idiotic, myopic conjecture.

  • Melissa

    She writes a blog & works in PR/Marketing. It’s hard not to know about this story if you live in a cave, let alone work on the internet all day. wow.

  • ashleigh

    You said it, girl. People can be so dumb sometimes.

  • Danielle

    You’re an idiot. It wasn’t her account. It was her picture. Get the facts straight before you comment.

  • CK

    It was your account and hacked? So you admit it was your account.

    Why would someone need to steal your picture to put on an account you owned? It was your account.

    Lady, don’t ever commit a crime. You’ll never survive cross examination.

  • Orion

    What happened to the mention of the twitter hack article originally posted above…guess this is the “official” version now. Interesting.

  • AvgGirlsGuide

    Orion: you are right; I did update the post and happy to include an “update” mention because the more I dug into this I realized it wasn’t a twitter hack but rather someone just stealing a photo of me. What other connection have you seen beyond the photo? That’s the only connection. I think what this person said is absolutely awful however you have the wrong person. Spewing rude comments back at me doesn’t solve the issue.

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