Deviating from “regular programming” to advise you that my photo was ripped off from this post and was being used on a Twitter profile by someone spewing awful anti-American remarks as it relates to the tragedy of Chris Kyle this weekend. I am a woman, a mother, and most of all, a very proud American. I would never, ever say anything hateful. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that. I have alerted authorities and luckily, the page has now been suspended. The absolutely only connection is a photo; how easy it to rip off a photo these days? 

What’s scary — and why I’m bringing further attention to it for one moment in order to reply — is that it’s going too far. I’m getting hateful messages to my personal email, and to clients of mine. I can understand wanting to blame someone but just because there’s a photo doesn’t mean you have a match. Sadly, anyone can create a Twitter account with a photo of you ripped from the Internet, talk crap and then let you take the fall. Scary, especially when it starts hitting closer to home.

This is all I have, and will say, about this. Thank you to TAGG’s supporters, and look for Monday’s regular outfit post shortly.